As seen on last night's MAFS, during the boys and girls party nights spent apart, the conversation quickly made a distasteful turn amongst the men, as they discussed wife swapping, and spoke as though their wives were commodities to be traded.

Viewers were eager to tune in tonight and see just how honest (or rather, dishonest) the grooms were with their wives in regards to what was said on their big night out.

Charlene and Patrick: ‘Married at First Sight’s’ power couple

It quickly became apparent that the boys would tell some of the truth to their wives, while carefully leaving out the bits and pieces of their conversation in which they crossed the line.

Groom Patrick seemed to be the only man who released the whole truth of what was said at the boys’ night to his wife, Charlene. It was no mystery to viewers that Patrick was not okay with what was said that night, and he seemed like one of the only men who was actually going to speak up against it all.

The pair agreed before heading to the dinner party that they’d be airing out their grievances at the dining table and that they’d be exposing some of the shocking things said behind their brides’ backs.

Dean’s denial

The group made nice throughout the cocktail party, but as soon as it was time for dinner, Charlene spoke on behalf of all women and revealed what some of the men had to say about their brides when they weren’t around.

Fans were not surprised to see Dean, the much-disliked villain of this year’s season, deny his actions as per usual, much like he did in the aftermath of his affair against his wife, Tracey.

The other men at the table also either denied the claims or stayed silent on the sidelines to watch the blowup, leaving the beloved Patrick to back up his wife and confirm what was said that night.

Viewers logged on to social media in praise of Patrick and Charlene, as they stood up not only for each other but also for the rights of women everywhere.

The beginning of Carly and Justin’s end

The night continued on with plenty of drama, as the women affected were extremely hurt and confused at the disrespectful things said about them by their husbands.

Bride Tracey seems to have forgiven Dean once again, much to the dismay of fans who believe she deserves far better. Bride Carly, on the other hand, wasn’t going down without a fight against her husband Justin, who had disappointed her and hadn’t fought for her honor yet again.

Viewers won’t know exactly where they stand until Sunday night’s final commitment ceremony takes place, however, paparazzi photos taken about a month ago revealed that a relationship has since blossomed between her and another groom on the show, Troy.

Carly even sought comfort after her fight with her husband over near where Troy was seated, possibly revealing the beginning of their romance that will later unfold.