After four seasons and 76 episodes, "Star Wars Rebels," has finally come to a close. The show delivered a powerful finale that will leave fans talking for years. The show had become the staple for the new generation of "Star Wars." The show also managed to deliver a peek into the future. The finale provides Star Wars fans with action and emotion.

IGN reports that each of the main characters are given time to show off their skills in some type of an action sequence. The series also delivers several emotional sendoffs, as well as a story that brings closure to the series, while the legend of the Rebellion and the Empire are headed into the final Skywalker driven saga.

Disney XD managed to structure its finale around the heroes fighting to liberate a planet from Empire occupation.

The series managed to use the "Padawan" Ezra Bridger's home as the endpoint for the show. The finale was made for casual viewers or those who only know that Kanan died in battle, Rex was a clone trooper, Alexsandr Kallus is a former imperial officer, who defected from the Empire. The finale may not have had a strong finish, it highlighted what made the show impressive.

The characters were not born of royalty or high-ranking members of the Rebellion. They were a group of inexperienced freedom fighters, doing the best they could, with what they had. The knew regardless, that they would probably die trying to finish off the Empire.

No destiny is spoken of for Ezra, Kanan or Hera, or even the former bounty hunter Sabine.

This animated series made the prequels relevant

"Rebels" keeps the prequel trilogy alive and makes "Revenge of the Sith" an important work, by creating the sense of a new chapter in history for the galaxy, after which nothing is guaranteed.

The series was strong at showing the struggle to live under Empire rule. Life could almost be compared to the experience in the "Hunger Games" films.

These characters ended their story, just as they began.

They were nobodies, extras who get shot during ground battles and tossed around as garbage. They were the real heroes because they tried to save the world. Their journey's goal was to save even a single planet from the control of the Empire. Even the smallest attempt by this group of misfits makes the fight easier, makes the world better off, and provide a sense of hope during a time when it appeared the Empire was in complete control.

Some of these characters were played out in "Rogue One," but were not publicly identified. Disney XD made the Star Wars films even better. These animated shows are succeeding in filling in the gaps made in the "Star Wars" films and offer a wide range of new heroes and villains. The show manages to end with some characters finding peace.