Yes, finally it has happened!!!! The ''Counting On'' stars Josiah and Lauren are now happily engaged together leaving their fans in bewilderment. The big news has taken a toll over the internet like a wildfire with much excitement for the Duggar Family. The engagement took place six weeks after their courtship announcement. Both the couple and their parents are on cloud 9 as the Duggar family is extending one more time. Lauren says 'I feel happy and delighted as Josiah proposed me where my parents got engaged'. Josiah Duggar, 21 and Lauren Swanson, 18 took their long-time relationship into an exciting big step and officially marrying soon.

The beautiful couple has set new relationship goals over the internet with their intense love for each other.

What Josiah and Lauren have to say about their engagement?

Lauren and Josiah say 'We are happy to be engaged, we are excited about this big new step in our life. Josiah says 'It has added a new meaning to our lives with new hopes and new dreams. I have proposed Lauren on the same spot where her parents got engaged. The place embarks a lot of family history and thus it is a very special place for Lauren'. Similarly, Lauren shares her feelings by saying 'It is a special moment for me and Josiah. I'm excited about getting married to my long-time partner and looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him'.

Josiah also states 'Both the family union of years of friendship has brought me and Lauren together into one entity'. Duggar also tells 'A lot of planning has to be set up as we are of a big family on both sides but we are thankful to God for bringing our lives together in harmony'.

What has to say by the Duggar Family for the newly engaged couple?

The proud parents of two have stated in a notable post 'We have prayed to the almighty with great hope that the Lord would bring the right spouses for each of our children. We know each other's family for a long time and since then we have seen how Lauren has grown in her knowledge in the best possible way.

She is a compassionate young lady with full of energy and liveliness'.

Perhaps, it has already been an exciting year for the Duggar Family with this big engagement news after their courtship announcement. Needless to say, the fans are thrilled with joy to see the lovely couple getting married soon with a lavish arrangement in the Duggar's style. Therefore, the wait will soon get over when the couple will announce themselves the man and the wife.