Salma Hayek surprises her fans once in a while with photos cutting out the artificial side of her business. She might be in a glamorous industry that prizes heavy makeup, filters, and touch-ups to achieve that perfect look, but she likes to ditch those ideals on occasion.

Selfies looking natural

On Tuesday, Salma Hayek posted several selfies that show her without the filters and touch-ups. "#nofilter, #noretouch just playing with the light," the actress wrote.

The 51-year-old film star had minimal makeup and wore her hair down straight. In the first photo she gazed at the camera and several other snaps show her head turned in different directions while experimenting with the light feature.

A few of the photos were shot blurry, which added authenticity to her post.

Fans were quick to rave over how beautiful Hayek is with hardly any makeup on. While she appeared makeup-free, the "Desperado" star seemed to have mascara on with a little bit of coverage on her face. She nixed the lipstick and opted to show a more natural version of herself.

Salma's skincare regime

Salma Hayek told the New York Times last year that she never cleanses her skin in the morning. She shared that the tip came from her grandmother, who taught her that at night the skin replenishes all the things lost during the day. Salma thinks it makes sense because why would you clean your face if it didn't get dirty while sleeping?

It's all a ploy by beauty companies to get you to use more products, she said.

When Hayek starts her day, she spritzes rose water on her face, then applies a moisturizer. Believe it or not, Salma doesn't use sunscreen unless she's going to be outside all day. She claims the chemicals in sunscreen aren't all that great for your face.

The actress added that she doesn't over-exfoliate because it tends to make the face look too shiny. It's a treatment she does once in a while. She prefers to use a mix of serums and oils depending on the day.

On the part of makeup, Salma Hayek only wears a little foundation and rubs lipstick on her cheeks. She admitted that for doing press appearances and posing on the red carpet she has to get "dolled up" with a lot of makeup.

Diet & fitness

Salma Hayek isn't a huge fan of working out. Scuba diving is an activity she enjoys, but is aware that that's not considered "exercise." She openly admits that she's not that disciplined and blames exhaustion for being her turnoff. In terms of what she consumes, Salma doesn't like to eat a lot of meat. She won't eat two different kinds of meat a day and fesses up to being a "craver."