Speculation has been building regarding as to whether or not 'Teen Mom OG" cast member Ryan Edwards has returned to rehab after failing a court-ordered drug test according to Radar Online reports. Ryan's wife Mackenzie has now stepped forward to clear up the rumors telling Radar that they are all completely false.

Mackenzie Edwards continues to support Ryan

The rehab rumors began building after a "Teen Mom" chat member spoke out revealing that they had information detailing that Ryan had recently failed the court-ordered drug test given on March 2.

Ryan's sobriety continues to be the main subject of concern for fans after last season's shocking wedding episode which showed a very high Edwards placing many lives in potential danger while driving himself and Mackenzie to their wedding ceremony.

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The alleged "insider" claims that Ryan tested positive for meth and a variety of prescription drugs. However, that is not all, the informant also claimed that Ryan was busted attempting to use "synthetic urine." The results according to the "Teen Mom" spy...Ryan was denied visitation and he immediately checked himself back into rehab. The story does not end there as if that was not enough...they also claim that thanks too Ryan falling off the wagon again Mackenzie also lost temporary custody of her son.

That would have been quite a day for the "Teen Mom" family that is if it were true. Mackenzie claims that it is all lies. First off, if Ryan Edwards had used "synthetic urine" wouldn't he have passed a drug test? Also if he had failed, wouldn't he have been taken to jail? After all, isn't that the point?

Mac also states that Ryan is NOT in rehab, he is home with her.

She adds that she feels that it is disgusting that people can make up anything they want about any, anytime, regardless of how it affects the person.

To rest the minds of "Teen Mom OG" fans she assures them that on March 3, the only place Ryan Edwards was at was at the filming of the "Teen Mom OG" reunion special.

Speaking of the Reunion Special which airs following the conclusion of the season, it sounds as if it will be one of the best reunions to date considering all of the recent "Teen Mom" surrounding Farrah's termination and replacement.

As previously reported Farrah Abraham has been officially replaced by Mackenzie McKee. Fans seem to be okay with the news, however Farrah's mom, Debra Danielsen, not so much.

Debra believes fans will not be able to identify with McKee due to the fact that she is a female bodybuilder. Strangely enough, during the same interview Debra also revealed that fans have been telling her that even without Farrah and Sophia on the show, they would still love to see Deb stay in the series.

What are your thoughts on the Ryan Edwards rehab rumors, do you believe Ryan has stayed clean and sober?