Dorit Kemsley decided to return for another season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," even though she didn't make a great first impression on the show. Kemsley revealed that she was close friends with Lisa Vanderpump, but on this season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," viewers are learning that the friendship may not be as close as she had told viewers. Dorit believed that they were indeed very close, but Lisa kept telling her that they were only good friends because Lisa valued her friendship with Dorit's husband, PK. While Vanderpump is questioning her friendship with Dorit, viewers are fairly certain that they would like to see Dorit gone from the show.

According to viewers' tweets, it sounds like fans are tired of seeing Dorit Kemsley on the show. Dorit tends to talk a lot and it is getting her in trouble. It sounds like Kemsley forgets that she's on the show and that her actions are filmed. It's possible that she thinks she can talk her way out of the drama, even though her actions are filmed constantly. It will be interesting to see when she's confronted with her actions on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion special.

Talks too much

Many viewers feel that Dorit talks too much and it can get annoying to listen to. On Twitter, viewers are freaking out over the previous episode, where Kemsley continued to beg Lisa Vanderpump to forgive her over recent drama.

Lisa was hurt after learning that Dorit was talking about her behind her back. Kyle Richards was the one who brought it all to light, as Dorit spoke about Lisa in a public setting.

But after learning that Lisa was skeptical, Dorit Kemsley couldn't stop talking.

As viewers point out on Twitter, Dorit tends to dish out the drama but she can't take it when people comment on her flaws.

Causing drama and plays the victim

It's very interesting that Dorit can dish out the drama but can't take it. A prime example of this happened on this week's episode of the show. Last season, Dorit had bought a pair of panties to Erika Girardi as a joke after her husband claimed he could see up Erika's skirt when she wasn't wearing underwear.

But when Dorit got a gag as a symbol for speaking too much, she felt it was rude and out of line. She ended up walking away from the party where she received the gift because she claimed she was a punching bag.

What do you think about Dorit Kemsley on this season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?" Do you want to see her return or do you think she should be fired?