Donald Trump took time to send out a tweet poking fun at the Academy Awards receiving their lowest TV rating in the show's history. In response, Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel decided to mock the president with his rebuttal.

Kimmel on Trump

It's no shock to hear that Donald Trump and the majority of celebrities in Hollywood don't get along. It all kicked into high gear following his campaign announcement for president back in the summer of 2015 when Trump referred to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." Since then, the mostly liberal-leaning Hollywood have used their popularity to push back at the former host of "The Apprentice," which has only increased since he was sworn into office over a year ago.

Award shows have been a popular place for stars to speak out, whether it's the Academy Awards or the Grammys.

Last Sunday night's Academy Awards was hosted by late night host Jimmy Kimmel, and while the political humor was toned down compared to previous award shows, the president did receive a few dings. Kimmel worked in a handful of punchlines directed at Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, but kept it to a minimal. During a Tuesday morning tweet, Trump responded to the low ratings of the show, before adding, "Problem is, we don’t have Stars anymore - except your President (just kidding, of course)!" Not long after, Kimmel responded to the president by pointing out his low poll numbers.

"Thanks, lowest rated President in HISTORY," he wrote.

Critical backlash

While Jimmy Kimmel took a shot at Donald Trump, many other critics of the president did the same. "President Trump is an expert on low ratings," one tweet read.

"Interesting stat: the employee turnover rate in the White House (36%) exceeds Donald Trump's approval rate (35%)," a Twitter user pointed out.

"Has he looked at his ratings lately, because they’re not exactly something to write home about," an additional tweet noted. "This is the most important issue on the President of the US desk this morning. OSCAR RATINGS," a tweet added.

"Ironic coming from the lowest rated president in HISTORY," a social media user wrote.

"While many Presidents have been lauded for their self deprecating humor Trump gives us all one more reason to loathe him with his self Aggrandizing Humor," a follow-up tweet stated. The mockery of the president continued as the critics showed no signs of taking their foot of the gas anytime soon.