Stevie J's Child support drama is about to come to an end but not in a good way. According to TMZ, U.S. Attorney Southern District of New York is done waiting for the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star to pay up. Now, Stevie J has until April 10 to turn himself in and it looks like when he does, he's headed to prison.

Stevie J owes how much?

The "LHHATL" star owes $1.3 million in back child support to Carol Bennett for two of his children. While child support cases are typically handled in state courts, Stevie J's child support case has been treated a bit differently.

Based on both parents living in different states, plus the staggering amount of support that he owes and the amount of time that he owed it, this case ended up going to federal court, making it much more serious for the "Love & Hip Hop" star.

Last February, Stevie pled guilty to failure to pay child support. He was given three years of probation and ordered to pay the child support to his ex. In the time since, Stevie has reportedly failed or refused to take multiple drug tests related to his probation and he has not paid the child support to Bennett.

All of Stevie's kids

Carol Bennett is the mother of just two of Stevie J's kids, Stevie Jr. and Savannah. Despite Stevie's ongoing court battle with Carol, both of their children appeared on his "LHHATL" spinoff "Leave It To Stevie."

It's safe to say that Stevie J has a pretty good relationship with both Stevie Jr.

and Savannah. Which makes reports that he's a deadbeat dad false. However, there's something to be said about his unwillingness to just pay that child support and get rid of this lingering legal problem.

Stevie has four other kids in addition to Stevie Jr. and Savannah. Dorian and Sade Jordan also have appeared on "Leave It To Stevie." They are mothered by Rhonda Henderson and Felicia Stover.

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" fans are familiar with Eva Giselle, whom Stevie had with Mimi Faust. Just last year and after quite a bit of drama, Stevie and Joseline Hernandez welcomed their daughter, Bonnie Bella to the mix.

Even though he has six kids with five different women, Stevie J has always tried to be active in all of their lives.

Legal and financial issues aside, it's pretty clear that Stevie loves his kids very much. Hopefully, the issue with his child support will be resolved rather than the reason that this "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star ends up serving prison time. The clock is ticking as Stevie's deadline to turn himself in gets closer. Don't be too surprised if he's able to work something out.