"Game Over, Man!" was recently released on Netflix and it immediately caught my eye just because of the cast. If you're not a fan of "Workaholics," I'm not sure this is the film for you. The movie draws on a very large spoof of Bruce Willis's "Die Hard" and fills itself with absurd and dark humor, an interesting cast, and a vast use of unusual props. "Game Over, Man!" centers around the "Workaholics" trio of Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson as hotel room cleaners caught in a deadly trap as the hotel is taken over from a group of terrorists looking to collect money from an Instagram star.

Filled to the brim with "Die Hard" and pop culture references, "Game Over, Man!" is an interesting watch, to say the least.

The cast includes Neal McDonough, among others!

I said before, the cast immediately caught my eye. I am an unyielding fan of "Workaholics," so as soon as I saw the trio I was hooked. As I began to watch though, we were introduced to a pantheon of actors, stars, and cameos. Steve Howey of "Reba" and "Shameless" fame appears as one of the terrorist's guards and is looking as jacked as ever, throwing people around and climbing up from broken windows. Neal Mcdonough portrays one of the lead bad guys and of course puts in a great performance even in a spoof film. Cameos include Steve-O, who of course has to throw out a Johnny Knoxville reference, Rhona Mitra from "Doomsday" and "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans," owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, Fred Armisen from "Portlandia," and Joel McHale, Shaggy, Donald Faison, and Action Bronson!

Overall reaction

If you read into Rotten Tomatoes on this film, you're going to get a big fat zero. I'll be the one to say I found this film to be enjoyable at times. It does have a ridiculous amount of penis jokes, references, and overall dark humor. If you enjoy "Workaholics" I believe you would enjoy this film. It will not win an Oscar by any means, nor will it be discussed in any film schools.

It is a film to be watched when you have friends over and need something to watch while eating pizza. I had to work soon and wanted something to watch before I had to leave, rather than watching something that needed my undivided attention or getting sucked into my most recent obsession of a show I turned this on and was not disappointed.

"Game Over, Man!" is a solid party film with a strange sense of humor but if you're like me and just enjoy watching dumb movies, I think you could add this one to the list. Just be prepared for over the top humor and obnoxious jokes. You can find "Game Over, Man!" on Netflix now.