Twitter was thrown into a frenzy Thursday morning, March 22, when Chrissy Teigen explained why she did not take John Legend's last name when they got married five years ago. Chrissy isn't afraid of defending herself against haters on social media, and this was no exception. Chrissy tweeted “my husband didn’t even take his last name?” in response to a tweet from August 2017 that questioned women who do not take their husband’s last name. Her tweet was soon followed by a stream of controversial comments from opinionated Twitter users.

Chrissy keeps her maiden name

John and Chrissy got married in September 2013, but Chrissy continues to be slammed with remarks about keeping her maiden name, reports MTV. Some accused her of making women who do change their names feel attacked because of their decision. Chrissy passionately defended herself, stating that she isn't against women taking their husband's name after marriage and that she planned on doing it, but just never did. She also said that she wasn't trying to make some grandiose statement by keeping her maiden name and didn't think her personal decision should affect other people. This kick-started a heated discussion among her followers as to their stance on the issue, some accusing her of making excuses and others supporting her decision with personal stories.

Cher even got in on the debate, stating that the tradition of taking your husband's last name is sexist and only started because women didn't have rights. Chrissy was obviously tired of defending herself and has since dropped the subject and moved on to other topics of conversation.

However, passionate Twitter users are still debating on Chrissy's post whether a woman should change her name after marriage or not.

John's real name

But Chrissy didn’t get all the attention on Twitter. The revelation that “Legend” isn’t John’s real last name turned some people’s worlds upside-down. “My life is a lie” one user commented.

For diehard fans, this news probably didn’t come as a surprise. In a 2006 interview with the New York Times, John revealed that his actual name is John Stephens. The nickname “Legend” was given to him in high school by a friend and caught on among people who knew him. Even though he knew some would call him arrogant for deciding to go by the name “John Legend,” he decided it might attract attention and it would push him to try and live up to the standard his name set. Chrissy and John now have a daughter, Luna Simone Stephens, who carries John’s surname. According to Us Weekly, the couple is expecting a baby boy in June.