Norrin Radd, also known as the Silver Surfer, will wield Thor's Mjolnir as the God Of Thunder when he confronts Mad King Thanos in the final battle of the current Thanos comic arc. Silver Surfer, known at the time of the final battle of the Marvel Universe as the Fallen One, is Thanos' last surviving super-powered antagonist after he (Thanos) destroyed all life on Earth, defeated and killed all of Earth's superheroes.

The secret origins of the Cosmic Ghost Rider

Norrin Radd is introduced in Thanos #16 as the Mad Titan's final opponent. However, much of the issue is devoted to exploring the secret origins of King Thanos' (the future version of the Mad Titan) right-hand man, the Cosmic Ghost Rider, following the revelation in Thanos #15 that he is Frank Castle, formerly the Punisher.

After it appeared that The Silver Surfer had died in battle, Galactus began seeking a new herald. He found only Frank Castle alive when he came to Earth in search of allies against Thanos. He made Frank Castle his new herald and granted him the Surfer's Power Cosmic.

The Punisher made a deal with Mephisto to become the Ghost Rider

However, before he became the Herald of Galactus, Frank Castle, seeking vengeance against Thanos who defeated and killed all of Earth’s superheroes, had entered into a deal with Mephisto to gain the powers of the Spirit of Vengeance, including the Ghost Rider's hellfire. But after Thanos defeated Galactus in battle, Castle pledged allegiance to Thanos and became the Black Right Hand of King Thanos.

Silver Surfer leads the Annihilation Wave, Thanos brings younger self from the past

In #16, King Thanos and the Ghost Rider confront the Silver Surfer leading the Annihilation Wave, an army of insectoid creatures from the Negative Zone. Realizing he will need help to defeat the Silver Surfer and his Annihilation army, King Thanos uses the Ghost Rider to abduct his younger self from thousands of years in the past.

He wants his younger self to help him win back Death’s affection and to confront the Silver Surfer, known as the Fallen One in the future time of the final battle.

During the battle against the Fallen One and the Annihilation Wave, Thanos urges the Cosmic Ghost Rider to unleash hellfire on their opponents. The Ghost Rider unleashes hellfire destruction on the opposition, and it seems for a moment that the Surfer might have been killed.

But he emerges from the hellish landscape and attacks. The younger Thanos then wonders why the Fallen One waited over the eons before confronting King Thanos.

The Surfer becomes worthy to wield Thor's Mjolnir against Thanos

Thanos gets an answer to his question when the Fallen One reveals he has other surprises in store besides the Annihilus Horde. The Silver Surfer waited for eons before confronting King Thanos because he was working to become worthy of wielding Thor's Mjolnir. The Fallen One summons Mjolnir and the mighty hammer comes flying into his hand. Having become worthy to lift Thor’s Mjolnir, the Silver Surfer becomes the new God of Thunder. Thanos #17 will reveal whether the Surfer puts an end to Mad King Thanos' galactic reign of terror, having proved himself worthy to wield Mjolnir.