Long-time fans of "MAFS" are both shocked and disgusted based off of last night’s episode (March 5). In this episode, the brides and the grooms split apart for an evening that was meant to be filled with fun but soon turned into a spectacle of disrespectful behavior from the boys’ party.

Talk of wife swaps

As the boys settled in for a chat with one another, the conversation took a turn when goofball groom Troy asked who the boys would choose as their wife if they had the option at the start of the series. Dean, the groom who had already cheated on his wife with another bride only weeks earlier, was quick to jump in and say who he would prefer.

The rest of the boys laughed and joked along, sharing openly about who they would swap wives with, as though the women had no say in it for themselves. Out of all of the boys seated, only three of the grooms did not participate in the conversation, and Patrick, in particular, spoke up against it. You're able to view some of the exchange below.

Due to the level of disrespect that took place against their wives during the boys' night, viewers are angered with the producer's choices in men for this season.

'Married at First Sight’s' producers taste in men

Many viewers have been vocal on social media about their distaste for the series' choice of grooms for this season. Grooms Nasser and Dean, in particular, have crossed the line past simple misbehavior, to being regarded as emotionally abusive to their partners.

Dean has famously engaged in an emotional affair with another bride, Davina, earlier this season, and has pledged that he is a changed and apologetic man to his ever-forgiving wife, Tracey. Yet, viewers learned from last night’s episode that he is in fact still entertaining the concept of wife-swapping, despite claiming that he only has eyes for Tracey.

Nasser, originally beloved by fans at the start of this season, has had an extreme change in character over the past two weeks. He has repeatedly stated his stubbornness and refusal to change to his wife and displays emotionally manipulative and abusive patterns time and time again.

As fans watch the abusive patterns released upon their strong and beautiful wives, left hurt once again, many are now turning their anger towards the show’s producers, rather than to the men themselves.

Viewers are left wondering why the producers allow men with toxic behavior to be participants in the experiment, to begin with, as this then is unleashed on their wives who are consistently being hurt and manipulated. Could this possibly intentional poor match-making also be the cause of the unnecessarily high divorce rate? It wouldn't be the first time that reality TV producers have crossed the line for an increase in ratings. This past season's "The Bachelor" in the US has caused some serious uproar, especially in its recent finale.

A few good men

As previously mentioned, it seems that out of all the grooms left standing, fans are in agreement that John, Telv, and Patrick are worthy of having a place on the series, especially after their discomfort in last night's episode. All throughout Twitter, viewers are applauding the trio for their treatment of women in comparison to the other contestants.

Viewers can expect to see the men, or rather the boys, face the consequences of their actions at tonight’s dinner party (March 6), as outspoken bride Charlene let’s loose in an act of solidarity for the women.