Maci Bookout is currently busy with her private life, as she and her husband are contemplating having another baby. Bookout has been open about the fact that she wants another baby, but she and her husband are contemplating adoption after a recent miscarriage. But it sounds like Maci may not just be focusing on "Teen Mom OG." On Twitter, Maci was recently caught in a video for MTV, discussing some of the new stars that are joining MTV. The network revealed that they are launching a new show called "Young + Pregnant," which is similar to "16 & Pregnant.


Apparently, Bookout was asked to give her thoughts on a scene, where one of the cast members Jade talks to her mother about all of the stresses in their house. According to a new tweet, Maci Bookout reveals that Jade may have a tough time balancing her relationships, as she must be respectful towards her mother while needing her own needs. These are some of the same issues that the original cast of "16 & Pregnant" also dealt with.

Balancing relationships

Throughout the years, there has been a big emphasis on needing to balance relationships. Some of the "Teen Mom" stars have really struggled to have healthy family relationships, including Amber Portwood, Kailyn Lowry, and even Maci Bookout. While Maci has the support of her parents, she doesn't always get along with Ryan Edwards and his parents.

On this season of the show, Bookout put some firm guidelines in place as Edwards got clean.

And it sounds like Maci Bookout understands where Jade is coming from in the clip.

Jade is one of the stars of MTV's "Young + Pregnant" and despite possibly not meeting Maci, it sounds like she's getting support from someone, who has been on reality television for years. It's admirable that Maci is stepping up and leading these girls through some rough patches of their lives.

'Young & Pregnant' vs '16 & Pregnant'

MTV hasn't said much about this new show. The title "Young + Pregnant" seems very similar to the hit show, "16 & Pregnant," which eventually lead to "Teen Mom OG" and "Teen Mom 2." The network also started "Teen Mom 3," but the show was canceled. It will be interesting to see if "Young + Pregnant" is just another show about teenagers being pregnant and if MTV is just using a similar title to promote the show. It will be interesting to follow these new girls once the show begins.

Maci Bookout is currently busy with "Teen Mom OG." Will you be watching the new show once it airs?