The imminent end of the Tournament of Power in "Dragon Ball Super" had fans talking non-stop about the possible winner. Over the weekend, Toei Animation showcased the much-anticipated battle of two of the most powerful fighters in the multiverse. The episode did not disappoint fans, as it featured another epic battle that was worth all the wait. The fan-favorite Saiyan from Universe 7 unleashed his mastered Ultra-Instinct form, closing the massive power gap between him and his opponent from Universe 11. Interestingly, with the massive power surging from the two powerful fighters, fans noticed some remarkable changes in the World of the Void.

The Milky Way in the World of the Void

Episode 129 of "Dragon Ball Super" goes beyond the fans' expectations. While the highlight of the episode is Son Goku's unleashing of his mastered Ultra-Instinct form, there are several details that some fans have missed. This includes the Milky Way like atmosphere created in the World of the Void. The unbelievable power that the fan-favorite Saiyan from Universe 7 was able to unleash changed the sky of the place. From afar, it appears that the stage where the tournament is being held floats like one of the planets in the solar system with the radiance and debris of Son Goku's power creating a milky way-like effect at the background. It is worth noting that the Grand Priest Daishinkan changed the color of the sky to mark the second half of the tournament.

It was later changed when Toppo from Universe 11 neglected justice and hope embraced the power of the god of destruction. The surging power of Hakai transformed the sky of the World of the Void.

Another color change in the next episode

In the most recent preview released for Episode 130 of the popular anime series, it was revealed that Jiren the Gray of Universe 11 is going all out in his fight against Son Goku.

It was shown that he has made up his mind to unleash his full power seeing, that his opponent has surpassed the level of the gods of destruction. Many fans are currently speculating that this power-up from the strongest Pride Trooper could affect the color of the World of the Void. It is highly possible that the clash of Son Goku and Jiren could not only change the color of the sky, but could also result in the destruction of the stage that was created by the Grand Priest Daishinkan.

Meanwhile, Episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super" is scheduled to air on March 18. The popular anime series will go on a hiatus next weekend.