Jenelle Evans was happy to announce that her husband, David Eason, had joined Twitter a few weeks ago. But little did she know, his presence on the social media network would influence her work with MTV. It didn't take more than a few weeks for David's homophobic comments to rattle followers so much that they filed complaints with Twitter in hopes of having him removed. MTV took note of the comments and decided to cease all filming with him. As for Jenelle, it appears her role with "Teen Mom 2" has not been cut.

Even though David should have known that his outrageous comments would have consequences, it sounds like he's trying to ruin his wife's career.

Rather than take a few steps back, think about his actions, and then apologize for his comments, David is now revealing that he doesn't feel bad about speaking his mind. In addition, it sounds like he and Jenelle are removing Ensley from "Teen Mom 2." If he can't film the show, why should his daughter? According to a retweet on her own Twitter account that she revealed she wouldn't use anymore, Jenelle Evans revealed that people were judging her for removing Ensley from the spotlight.

No David, no Ensley

Apparently, it was David and Jenelle's decision to remove Ensley from the show. One can imagine that Evans would love to show off her daughter to her fans and she has shared many photos on Instagram.

It's not that her fans will never see her again. This isn't a battle between Jenelle and the public, but it sounds like it is more about David's reaction to MTV firing him for speaking his mind. Surprisingly, Eason has received support over his comments with people saying he has every right to the freedom of speech.

David is the biological father of Ensley, so he has legal rights over the girl.

If he says MTV can't film her, then one can imagine that the network will respect that decision.

Her role is still up in the air

At this point, Jenelle Evans' role with the show is still up in the air. When the "Teen Mom 2" production team made the decision public, they revealed that they still had six weeks left of filming.

It's possible that they chose to take a break with Jenelle, so they could see how things would unfold in the days after the firing of David Eason. During a recent interview with Vince Russo, Jenelle revealed that every child on "Teen Mom 2" gets a savings account, so MTV is essentially paying the children for their participation. It's uncertain whether Ensley will continue to get money from the network.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' decision to pull Ensley from "Teen Mom?"