Two months ago, Genie Francis was released from her contract and demoted to recurring status on “General Hospital.” Many fans blamed the soap opera’s executive producer, Frank Valentini.

Now, Francis is coming to Valentini’s defense, Soap Central reported.

Valentini fought hard to bring Laura Spencer back

According to Francis, if there was anyone who fought really hard to re-establish Laura, it was Valentini himself. She took to Twitter to express how painful it is to see that the executive producer is receiving mean comments on social media as he is being blamed for releasing Genie Francis from her contract on “General Hospital.”

“He has always been my champion,” Genie wrote.

“I don’t believe he took any pleasure in seeing Laura diminished.”

In response to Genie's post where she shared a photo of herself with Frank, Valentini said that it was always great spending time with the beautiful soap opera star.

There had been rumors that Valentini refused to speak to Francis after she was informed of the decision. He has been silent since Genie was moved to recurring status, although fans have been demanding an explanation since the decision was made.

‘GH’ plans to bring Genie Francis in a big comeback

There were reports that “General Hospital” writers are already working on a huge storyline for Laura.

ABC executive Nathan Varni previously revealed to podcast “Daytime After Dark” that they are planning a major comeback for Genie Francis. He added that they want a storyline focused on her character, which is also a way to recognize the actress’ talents and contribution to the daytime soap.

Fans have been calling for Genie’s return to “General Hospital,” saying that Laura is “GH.” She made the soap as it is today.

Soap Hub even launched a petition to bring Genie back on contract, and over 25,000 fans signed.

Genie Francis had played Laura Spencer on and off since 1977. Her most recent return was in 2015 as part of Luke Spencer’s (played by Anthony Geary) departure. When she exited recently, Laura withdrew from her run as Mayor of Port Charles and flew to Europe to take care of injured Spencer.

Neither Francis nor Valentini have commented on the plans of ABC to sign up the veteran actress for a big story. Francis’ agent, Arthur Toretzky, previously told Entertainment Weekly that she would only return if the story and the timing were ideal.

“General Hospital” airs Mondays to Fridays at 2 PM on ABC.