The news broke last week that Vanessa Trump had filed for a divorce from Donald Trump Jr. In the latest news surrounding the split, the president's son reportedly had an affair with a popular singer.

Don Jr's reported affair

Over the last year and a half, Donald Trump has been forced to deal with a laundry list of allegations against him when it comes to his alleged history of sexual adventures with various women.

From consensual affairs to allegations of sexual assault and harassment, Trump has not been able to shake the rumors that have appeared to take a toll on his administration and marriage. While the president's been dealing with issues in his personal life, his son, Donald Jr., appears to be going through similar issues.

Last week it was reported, and later confirmed, that Vanessa Trump and Donald Trump Jr. had agreed on a divorce, ending their marriage after 13 years. The couple have five children together and their divorce was originally reported as "uncontested.

Despite this, the New York Daily News reported on March 19 that trouble in the marriage begin as far back as 2011 with the president's son having an alleged affair with Aubrey O'Day, the former singer for Danity Kane.

A source close to Aubrey Day elaborated further with Us Weekly, explaining that "He (Don Jr.) told her (Day) it was over with his wife, that they were separated and he didn’t love her." Day allegedly "fell for him hard," though the younger Trump never followed through on his reported promise and stayed with his wife Vanessa.

The source continued, explaining that Don Jr. was "very aggressive" and even went as far as to tell Day that he "loved her."

Twitter backlash

In response to the news of the reported affair between Donald Trump Jr. and Aubrey O'Day, critics of the administration took time to mock the president's son and the family as a whole. "The Trumps seem to have a type.

Ivanka lookalikes. Am I right?" one tweet wondered.

"Damn... There went Aubrey O'Day's reputation. That's gross, y'all," a Twitter user wrote. "They do have a type, that p*rn star look," another tweet added. "So these Trump men have a type, huh?" an additional tweet went on to read.

"Ewwwww...what the hell was she thinking?" a social media user wrote. "Keepin’ it classy. Hope his kids can’t read yet," another tweet stated. The mockery didn't stop as the private lives of the Trump men continue to be a punch line for the opposition.