Burt Reynolds has slowed down considerably these days. The 82-year-old "Smokey and the Bandit" star continues to get and about around Hollywood, but things move a bit slower for him, and he needs full-time assistance.

Burt Reynolds, a former Hollywood sex symbol has battled multiple health problems over the past three decades. He has battled, addiction, heart surgery and now sadly, the aging process. The former stuntman has accepted that his sprier days are pretty far behind him now and that he needs help from cane and a personal assistant to get around.

Burt claims Sally Fields is the love of his life

However, Burt is not letting these adversities get in the way of living his life. He was spotted out on Saturday, March 24 talking with friends and fans who were in attendance at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica California for a viewing party featuring two of Reynold's older films. Burt Reynolds joined the crowd taking a trip down memory lane watching "Gator" and "The End" two of his popular 70s hit films. Despite being frail and tired Burt highly enjoyed talking and reminiscing with fans who loved listening to Reynold's old stories.

Life may be slowing Burt Reynolds down, but not without a fight

It has been busy several days for Reynolds who recently appeared on the "Today Show" in what some called a strange interview.

During the interview, Reynolds told Hoda Kotb that Sally Field was the love of his life and that he fell deeply in love with her when she a small child of only seven years old.

This is not the first time has reminisced about his love for Sally Field. The "Today Show" interview, however, had fans and viewers pretty concerned by some of the remarks Reynolds had made.

According to People magazine, two days following the "Today" interview Burt made an attempted to explain some of the statements he made that people had taken wrong.

Reynolds claims he was misunderstood, and claiming he did not say Sally Field was seven when he fell in love with her, he claims he said she was 37, adding "I think." It is said that as people age some become brutally honest, some become ornery, some cranky and confused.

Burt Reynolds appears to be a little of everything rolled into one Hollywood icon.

He let loose with his thoughts once again on Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen. When asked about some of his past co-stars Burt called out Kathleen Turner calling her the most overrated actor in the ’70s and ’80s. Oddly enough, and in a jokingly manner Burt revealed that chose Jack Nicholson as his best lover. “That’s how he got the parts,” Reynolds said.

All in all Burt Reynolds is most humble and gracious and deserves a pass on any misunderstood statements. He is after all 82-years-old and that alone earns him respect and the benefit of the doubt. If he appears unsure of things, then, he probably is. It has been a long, successful and wild ride through the decades for Burt Reynolds and credit given, where credit is due...the man is still working.

Burt Reynolds' new film "The Last Movie Star" is out in theaters March 30.