There are only a couple of months left before "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 5 makes its way to FOX and in anticipation of the upcoming season, fans are eagerly awaiting for new promos to surface. As previously disclosed by stars Andy Samberg and Stephanie Beatriz, the end of July marks the time when the cast comes together to shoot new promotional photos for the upcoming fifth outing of the Dan Goor and Michael Schur-created comedy. On the promo shoot day, Beatriz took to her Instagram to share some snapshots of herself and the cast as they reunited for the photo shoot.

There was one noticeable detail in Beatriz's Instagram story that has fans buzzing.

Detective Jake Peralta now as a beard

In the behind the scenes look courtesy of Stephanie Beatriz, fans may notice that Andy Samberg is sporting a beard, sparking theories that Jake Peralta must have really gone to jail after last season's shocking finale. While the rest of the cast looked normal, Samberg's Peralta grew out a beard, indicating a time jump between the last season and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" season 5. The question now is, did Peralta run away before he was sentenced to jail? Were they able to resolve the frame up that he and Rosa Diaz found themselves in? Where is Lt. Melanie Hawkins (Gina Gershon) and has she been brought to justice?

Halloween tradition continuing in season 5

If there's one thing fans may look forward to the most in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" season 5, it's the Halloween episode, in which the last four years have brought interesting heists and different winners each time.

In a conversation with UPROXX last May, co-creator and showrunner Dan Goor admitted that "We really good Halloween idea for season five.

Mike [Schur] pitched it; giving him full credit. It’s the best pitch for an episode, I think we’ve had, ever." He didn't delve into details as to what the heist will involve this year, but it's never too early for fans to place their bets on their favorites.

Maybe Rosa Diaz will bring home the prize this time?

Changes abound in the upcoming season

Back in May, Dan Goor also spoke with Entertainment Weekly to hint about what's to come in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" season 5. He hinted that Melissa Fumero's Det. Amy Santiago may finally achieve her goal of becoming a sergeant in the near future, and that some characters may get reassigned. He said, "Realistically, it is unlikely that a squad like this would stay completely intact for this long no matter what—people get transferred."

However, Goor also explained that it's a possibility for both Terry Crews' Sgt. Terry Jeffords and Santiago to be sergeants in the same precinct. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" season 5 premieres on FOX on September 26.