Arie Luyendyk Jr. has been labeled the worst "Bachelor" contestant in the history of the show because he made a mistake when he proposed to Becca during the finale. He chose Becca because he felt she was a safer choice. His parents had told him that they really liked Becca, but he felt closer to Lauren. After a few weeks, he changed his mind and on "The Bachelor" finale, he revealed that he had broken things off with Becca and pursued Lauren again. Jason Mesnick revealed he should probably disappear from the spotlight a bit, and perhaps leave the country until things cooled off.

It sounds like Arie and Lauren took people's advice and left the country. However, they aren't disappearing from the spotlight as many people advised them to. Instead, they are documenting the trip. According to a new tweet, Arie Luyendyk Jr. is opening up about the fact that they are currently in Iceland to spend some quality time together. While Lauren appears to be keeping silent about their relationship, Arie can't stop sharing his love for Lauren on social media. Perhaps he doesn't care about the feedback or the criticism he has received for following his heart.

Trip to Iceland

Unlike many other "Bachelor" fans, Arie Luyendyk Jr is doing the right thing by spending some time with Lauren away from the spotlight.

Many relationships have fallen apart after one of them went on another reality show, such as "Dancing With The Stars." Chris Soules is a prime example of how things can go wrong when the relationship is neglected. But it sounds like Arie and Lauren are having a great time in Iceland, giving their relationship the time it needs to succeed.

Lauren and Arie Luyendyk Jr have also talked about setting a wedding date for their wedding, but they haven't made any public announcements yet. They may just be talking about the wedding to send the signal that they are serious about their relationship.

Back to business

Arie may not be interested in getting back into the spotlight after this season of "The Bachelor." In fact, he could be interested in going back to work as a real-estate agent and race with his friends in Arizona. Right now, Lauren hasn't revealed any plans in terms of work, but she could be looking to grow her career in her new home state, as she moves forward with Arie.

What do you think about Arie Luyendyk Jr documenting the trip on Twitter for the world to see? Do you think he cares what people think about him?