If you have been following the brown family for a while now, then you would know that Ysabel Brown, who is one of Kody’s daughters, has been suffering from scoliosis. Well, in an interview, Ysabel was on the verge of tears while talking about her medical issues and some people would even describe the interview itself as heart-breaking. It is worth mentioning that this is not the only bad news involving the Brown family as the family also failed to legalize polygamy in Utah. Their suit was dismissed by a three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit so their suit will not be followed up by the Supreme Court.

What did Ysabel Brown say about her medical condition?

From watching the Brown’s TLC reality television show "Sister Wives," it is obvious that poor Ysabel’s scoliosis has just gotten worse. We know this as an orthopaedic surgeon suggested that she should begin to start sleeping on her back while wearing a brace so it could correct her curved spine but unfortunately that did not work. We know the night brace didn’t help her as Ysabel’s mother Christine said in her confessional for the show “So the night-time bracing is not working. Her curve is an aggressive curve.” However, it gets worse as not only does she have to wear a brace at night but also in the day as Christine said: “She also has to wear a daytime brace now.” Ysabel then decided to sit down with the TLC cameras to talk about her medical condition for the show, and it was indeed hard to hear what she had to say.

She said the following about the daytime brace “It's horrible wearing the daytime brace. It hurts all over.” The Brown family member then continued with “It [leaves] bruises and squeezes on me, and it hurts. It's awful."

What else are the Brown family up to?

With the dramatic brand new season of the TLC series “Sister Wives” just starting, the Brown family has been kept very busy.

An example of some of the drama that there is this season would be all of the issues both regarding Mykelti Brown’s wedding to the controversial Tony Padron. Financially the wedding would be super expensive as they wanted to have four hundred tacos made for the wedding, which made the Brown mothers and Kody panic at the price of how much this wedding would actually cost. The personal issue regarding this wedding was that Padron is a very rude person, as at Mykelti’s wedding dress rehearsal, all he did was make very inappropriate remarks about push up bras.