One of the highlights of Super Bowl LII was the commercials. PepsiCo sponsored an add featuring Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage that was a big hit with the fans. The multifaceted icon and the "Game of Thrones" actor lipsynched to Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot as they promoted the Pepsi products Mountain Dew Ice, and Doritos Blaze. The dueling raps of fire and ice were a big hit with those watching on Sunday night and a surprising favorite among the commercials of the evening. The annual football game would not be the same without the anticipation of and the delivery of new products being introduced each year.

Freeman and Dinklage deliver

There was a time when the Super Bowl introduced new merchandise with innovative and unforgettable advertisements each year. Viewers have been noting that nothing noteworthy has come forth during the past few games. On Sunday night there were several eye-catching commercials and a favorite of the evening featured actors Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage.

The ad begins with Dinklage walking through a room eating from a bag of Doritos Blaze. With each step that he takes items around him burst into flames as he lipsyncs at breakneck speed to the 2011 Busta Rhymes hit "Look at Me Now." There is a momentary pause as if the advertisement is over and then Morgan Freeman comes into view rapping to Missy Elliot's "Get Your Freak On" and freezing everything he touches after drinking Mountain Dew Ice.

Rhymes and Elliot have cameos in the Super Bowl LII ad

In a move of sheer genius, both Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot make cameo appearances in the commercial. Busta can be seen in a portrait on the wall that comes to life and begins rapping a few verses of his music as the fire-breather approaches.

Missy also is in a picture frame and she begins singing as Freeman walks through the room like Mr. Freeze.

PepsiCo is being lauded for this unique commercial, where, for the first time a company advertised two of its products using one advertisement. It is expected that the sale of Mountain Dew Ice and also Doritos Blaze will rake in millions.

Many will probably want to try the two products at the same time. The success of these items would also be due in part to Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage, who, at the end of the ad, stand facing one another. Freeman blows ice out of his mouth towards Dinklage, who, in turn, blows a flame on his own shoulder.

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