On the off chance that you were one amongst those unfortunate enough to pass up a major opportunity for McDonald's Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce previously, do not fret anymore, as your fortunes have improved for the very best in 2018. McDonald's is bringing back its Szechuan sauce again after an endeavor to do it a year ago prompted riots when insufficient of the pined-for the sauce was available.

What the flipping sauce?

McDonald's Szechuan sauce initially heard of in the year 1998, in honor of the release of Disney's "Mulan," reemerged as a popular culture a year ago when everyone’s favorite mad scientist Rick Sanchez fixated on finding the sauce on Adult Swim's "Rick and Morty."

"Rick and Morty" sparked the resurgent fascination in Szechuan sauce after airing a reference to it in an April 2017 episode.

Since then, McDonald’s gave The Sauce a limited release, which sparked a bidding war, riots, and petitions, EW reported. The interest in Szechuan sauce at that point developed among the show's fans, who began an appeal for them to bring it back.

McDonald's did bring back the Szechuan sauce in October last year, offering it as an advancement with its Buttermilk Crispy Tenders in select outlets. The lack of enough sauce to satiate all the fans led to mass disappointment among the "Rick and Morty" fanbase, causing uproars and provoking extraordinary responses. One fan even exchanged his vehicle for a bundle of the Szechuan sauce.

The what, the when, and the how

In the official declaration made on Twitter about bringing the sauce back, McDonald's confesses to being amazed by the massive response of the fanbase, and their utter devotion to taste what Rick Sanchez praises as an absolute delicacy.

McDonald's also declared that 20 Million bundles of Szechuan Sauce will be accessible across the U.S. beginning on Monday, February 26. Presently, this is as yet a restricted run, yet with 20 million parcels, it will ideally last somewhat longer than the last lot.

Fans will not have to go to the extent of parting with their life investments to get their hands on the infamous Mulan Szechuan McNugget dipping sauce this time around.

It looks like all the furor over it has yielded satisfactory results, despite it having seemed like an unnecessary drama when it happened. The time to rejoice is nigh.

McDonald’s will continue to ride the Szechuan craze with a podcast from Studio@Gizmodo and Onion Labs called The Sauce, which tracks the saga of Rick’s coveted “Mulan-McNugget sauce” in three parts, says EW News.