Uh-oh "Counting On" Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth may have just revealed more about her pregnancy than she meant to. In a Duggar Family video congratulating pregnant Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo, Joy dropped a bomb that has folks doing the math. It may be the final admission that the "19 Kids and Counting" star and her husband Austin Forsyth got pregnant before marriage.

Joy Forsyth nine months along?

In the "19 Kids and Counting" clan's Facebook video, Jessa Duggar, her husband Ben Seewald, Anna and Josh Duggar, Joy and Austin and Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar each says a few word congratulating Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo.

Joy-Anna says she's happy because their baby will only be six months younger than hers. Jinger said they didn't know the baby's gender yet, which means she's less than 16 weeks along and looks less than 12. If the babies are six months apart, Joy is due in January.

Lid blown off shotgun wedding?

Unfortunately, the Celebrities of "Counting On" seem to have forgotten that Joy is supposed to be due in March. She claims to be seven months along, and that they got pregnant on the honeymoon in late May to early June. The Reality TV stars had a May 26 wedding that was bumped up from fall. Was it due to that co-ed bachelor slumber party? And there's the "19 Kids and Counting" daughter's huge baby bump.

Joy's Freudian slip explains mystery

Upon mom Michelle Duggar's advice, Joy lost weight before the wedding. Her weight loss was so extreme that reality television fans of "Counting On" wondered about anorexia or some other eating disorder. But from the beginning her belly has appeared 4-8 weeks farther along. This maternal "obesity" in a first time birth gave rise to rumors of twins or pregnancy problems like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia.

Does Joy's slip, whether intentional or Freudian, suggest an out of wedlock pregnancy.

Duggars react to 'teen mom' bomb

Joy might have just estimated the age difference wrong. But when she said six months some odd things happened. Jim Bob turned and gave the camera a weird frozen perma-grin. Did he realize that the cat was out of the bag?

Josh's wife Anna Duggar looked super uncomfortable but she would. This was a rare public appearance since Duggar's cheating, pedophilia, indecency and molestation scandal shut down "19 Kids and Counting." Jessa Seewald was busy posing and insisting that Jinger's baby be a boy. If he was found out, Austin didn't seem to care and was just happy to be expecting. Regardless of which is side of the blankets baby Forsyth was conceived, mama and papa seem delighted.