Javi Marroquin has been through quite a bit over the past couple of months. Not only did he start dating Briana DeJesus from "Teen Mom 2" despite criticism from his ex-wife's supporters, but they also broke up resulting in drama with the entire cast. Javi has been on "Teen Mom 2" for a couple years as he was married to Kailyn Lowry for about three years. Perhaps it wasn't the best decision to get involved with Kailyn's co-star, but he seemed to click with Briana fairly well.

However, it sounds like things quickly turned sour between them as they only dated for a few months.

On Twitter, Briana accused him of being controlling and started saying the same things that Lowry had been saying for quite some time. In addition to the public split from Briana, Marroquin had to discuss his relationship with his ex-wife in public as she was slamming him for allowing Briana into their co-parenting relationship. Briana has frequently said negative things about Lowry, including how she was getting involved with Javi's decisions in regards to Lincoln.

Surrounding himself with good people

Needless to say, it sounds like having Javi Marroquin may not be interested in dating right now. He has revealed that he just wants to focus on his work, his health, and his son. Just this past weekend, he spent some quality time with his son as they went to the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl parade.

Here, he allowed Lincoln to be a part of history as they marched around the streets of Philadelphia to support the Eagles after they beat the New England Patriots just last weekend.

In addition, Javi Marroquin has been going back to the gym and focusing on his health, as he wants to focus on getting better, both mentally and physically.

He is not letting Kailyn Lowry or Briana DeJesus get his way when it comes to getting his life back on track.

Continuing to film for MTV

The new season of "Teen Mom 2" is set to air soon and fans are curious as to how much he will be involved with the show. Despite divorcing Kailyn, the two are still co-parenting. In addition, Briana DeJesus got a spot on the show last year and since they started dating after the previous reunion special, he may appear on her story as well.

In addition to possibly getting plenty of air time, Javi has also received his own MTV special called "Being Javi," which will air tomorrow night on MTV. While some people are fully supportive of him getting lots of airtime because of his troubles with his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend, others believe he is getting way too much attention considering he was just a boyfriend and a husband.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin surrounding himself with supportive people after his two failed relationships?