The other week, it was revealed that "grown-ish" star Yara Shahidi was in fact still going to go to Harvard. With this new announcement reconfirming her commitment to school, many fans wondered what would become of her character, Zoey. Would she leave like Denise Huxtable did on original black college series "A Different World"? Well, Page Six is happy to reveal that Yara is more than likely going to defer for another year to keep working in Hollywood. Last week's episode concluded the Cash storyline, and this week's episode begins to switch gears.

Let's see what happened:

Zoey's got 'likes' on the brain

Zoey starts off the episode showing how technology has its benefits, but it's also caused her generation to become addicted to it. Zoey lets us know that she is no different from her peers when it comes to the feelings of excitement she receives when she gets a text or like on social media. She explains that she got her fellowship at Teen Vogue, and it is everything! This is something Zoey has wanted since she was a young teenager on "Black-ish," so it's a nice continuity nod to have her live her dream. Also in her fellowship? Luca. We get a few more tidbits about him: he got the fellowship because of his great sense of style, and he's also concerned about inheriting the alcoholic gene from his father.

Zoey tunes him out after he begins to voice his concerns because a pic she posted of her holding golden shoes to her ears gains hundreds of likes.

Speaking of which, her friends noted in class that she's been going a little crazy on social media (67 bathroom selfies is quite a lot), and her friends talk about its benefits.

Networking, getting possible chances to interact with celebs, trolling (in Nomi's case), and more. When Zoey becomes verified with a blue check, she gloats to Luca...until she finds out that he has two verified checks.

Zoey goes on a social media blackout

Zoey's simply perplexed over Luca's double verification. She writes it off as a glitch.

In the meantime, her boss selects Zoey to work personally under her to learn the business up close and personal. She warns Zoey that she knows she's super active on social media, and now that her posts reflect the company, she has to do better. In fact, she's now going on a social media blackout. All is going well until she realizes how immersed people truly are in their phones now that she's no longer attached to hers. She tries to get her friends to talk to her, but they're too busy on social media retweeting and liking things.

In the meantime, Vivek finds the twins' real social media account instead of the main one they use to pretend to be sweet and innocent. This is due to the twins telling Vivek that no one would care if he were on social media because he's boring.

That's what these ladies get for coming for a student who's majoring in computer engineering! What will he do with this vital information?

Zoey posts a little selfie at a big price

Its been a few days since her blackout, and it's starting to hit Zoey hard. She wants to take pictures of her designs, food, and a selfie with Bruno Mars, but she continues to fight against the temptation. It seems like everyone is seeing the downside of social media because Ana and Nomi have annoyed Janelle Monae's fan-base and are being bombarded with attacks. Meanwhile, Aaron finds that he's been linking alt-right articles on his Twitter and now has a bunch of them following him on Twitter.

It's the exact opposite of the type of people he's trying to reach out to on social media.

Zoey, finally giving into temptation, takes a selfie of herself...while having the yet to be released 2018 collection in the background. Uh oh. The next day at work, Zoey apologizes profusely to her boss and has Luca replace Zoey as punishment (at least she wasn't fired, right?). Zoey expresses her disappointment in Luca getting her position, but he says he's good at what he does and also deserves it. I'm liking this little rivalry they have going on. Meanwhile, the twins have their own blackmail involving Vivek when they discover a video of him getting knocked out by a biker. It looks like Vivek has learned that the twins are not the ones to try!

In the end

As Zoey narrated how all their social media mistakes are published online for the world to see forever, Ana's suspended from Twitter and Nomi gets banned altogether. Luca gives Zoey a sympathetic look as she arrives to work. Aaron is dealing with his new crop of alt-right followers while Vivek and the twins still look over their shoulder wondering if their hidden pasts will be exposed. Despite all the negatives though, this generation still finds a way to enjoy all the perks of technology.

This was another strong episode of "Grown-ish" that also contained limited romance and focused more on Zoey's collegiate life.

It was fun watching the cool and stylish (E! Online says that they're the most stylish show on TV thanks to Michelle Cole) Zoey navigate an internship at her dream job without relationship overload. While "Grown-ish" will not be on next week, it will return on February 28th at nine on Freeform.