Ellen DeGeneres is renowned for her generous gifting, but it was when she did the same for another well-known host, Jimmy Kimmel, that we all couldn't help but feel emotional.

Over the life of his Talk Show, Jimmy Kimmel has given a series of passionate speeches and has become increasingly political. But one of these became a little more than personal last year when he released a monologue about the struggles his family faced with the birth of his son, Billy Kimmel. At only three days old, William Kimmel needed immediate heart surgery after the family was told he was born with a complex congenital heart condition.

He shared the emotional battle they faced following the news in a heartwarming message.

A heartfelt surprise

As Ellen Degeneres is so famously known for, she surprised Kimmel with a gift when he visited her on "The Ellen Show." She begins by mentioning the clip he posted, telling of his sons battle, saying “You’re such a great guy, and that was so emotional, to see you go through that,” before revealing she had one of the rooms where he was treated at the Children’s Hospital named after Billy Kimmel.

"We called our friends at Children's Hospital..." she begins, "and we have named one of the rooms at the heart institute floor in honor of Billy." The proud father's nearly tearful reaction says it all.

Kimmel's recent experience led him to also take the opportunity to make several pleas on his show about how changes need to be made within the American healthcare system, stating the emergency of the situation for other families in similar situations, demanding that more action and donations must be made.

A generous donation

Ellen DeGeneres reached out to her viewers last May after hearing of her friend's story, who managed to raise $1 million for the Children's Hospital in L.A. But Ellen's tribute doesn't end there. She later tweeted, encouraging more people to donate in the hope to raise yet another million in donations.

Kimmel got emotional as she airs a clip in the studio showing the room dedicated to his son, DeGeneres adds, "That will forever be the Billy Kimmel room," before announcing that some of the nurses from the hospital were also in the audience to surprise him with the big reveal.

Kimmel's response? The clearly moved parent responded to the gesture by thanking DeGeneres and the public support they received from social media. They both truly are remarkable people.