Ellen DeGeneres is a comedian and an actress. She is well known for hosting talk her show called the Ellen DeGeneres show. Ellen has built a production company and publishes books. She also has hosted awards shows before. Recently, she talked about her new Game Show. This show is very exciting and full of fun.

This show is all about having fun. This one-hour game show includes so much fun stuff like Blindfolded Musical Chairs, Dizzy Dash and Scary Go Round. You won’t be bored for a second while watching the show. It is full of energy and encouragement.

Ellen is super excited about the show and keeps tweeting about it.

No pain but public humiliation can be expected

No one gets hurt on the show. But they might go through public humiliation. The winner of the show gets $100,000. So, the little bit of humiliation that they go through is totally worth it. The sponsors are expecting great popularity and success. They do not have a huge plot, but the fun stuff will definitely help to bring popularity. Having Ellen on the show will ensure that fact.

Sometimes when we are stressed or having a hard time, it is necessary to have a look at such meaningless stuff. It gives pleasure and clears the head. As Ellen is an expert in making sure that her work is fun and successful, we are hoping to see another successful show on NBC.

Stephen Boss is working as co-host.

The show was aired on television on 18th December 2017. But the premiere was aired on 2nd January 2018.

In the first episode of the show, there were several rounds. The contestants had to participate in four different games to go to the final rounds. The 4 different rounds were:

Aw snap

Contestants had to put 5 apples into a basket using their teeth.

This was funny and entertaining.

Dizzy dash

This is a game where the contestants had to sit on the particular chair and were spun around. They were asked three questions. The first contestant to answer the question correctly went to next round.

Scary go round

The first contestant had to put three balls into a basket while running on a rotating floor.

The second contestants can fire balls.

Tube toothpaste

The players had to answer trivia question. If they answered wrong, they had to press buttons shaped like valves on a tube. One of the buttons causes the tube to eject toothpaste at the contestant.

Fur winners from the previous games go to the next level to play for $100,000

Know or go

In this round, the contestants had to answer the question correctly. One last surviving contestant goes to the next level. By answering wrong, they fall through a chute beneath their feet.

Hot hands

The contestant gets 30 seconds to identify the faces of ten celebrities. By answering correctly, he/she wins the grand prize of $100,000.

Ellen makes all the questions hard to make the game funnier.