A long time ago, everyone was mourning the death of Bulma’s voice-over. On Thursday, November 16, last year, Hiromi Tsuru lost her life, because of a disease. Since her passing day until now, many of her fans have been wondering who was going to replace her, even at some point, the regrettable event was blamed for the "Dragon Ball Super" ending.

Bulma’s replacement

An ad video has been leaked in which Bulma and Vegeta appear, and the funny thing about all this is that Trunks' mother has another voice.

This matter was just revealed, the fans have started to ask who the voice that replaced Bulma is, having a quick response.

Aya Hisakawa

Better known as the voice of Mercury in Sailor Moon, she was in charge of making a small replacement for the "Dragon Ball" scientist. Being honest, for us the westerns it's not so remarkable the difference between a voice and another, at least in the advertising video didn't make a significant difference. Despite that, we have to be careful about this matter.

Mercury will be Bulma’s new voice

So far there’s nothing confirmed officially regarding if Aya Hisakawa will replace definitively Hiromi Tsuru. As we mentioned before, she’s doing very well, but things are now uncertain in "Dragon Ball," the only thing that is certain is that in December this year there’ll be a movie dedicated to the Saiyan.

Will Bulma appear in the new film?

According to what we know so far, she won’t appear in the movie, since the story will be focused on the first Saiyan God, therefore, that happened way before the story we all know, even before Bardock, Son Goku’s father. The odds of Bulma showing up are very low.

The multimillionaire owner of the Capsule Corporation has been an extremely important character for the whole story of the series, from beginning to end, she was even the one who encouraged Goku to start the beautiful adventure we all know.

She was also the creator of the time machine, an instrument that was key in the two sagas of Trunks of the future, without counting the spaceship, which she created in order to Son Goku trained and traveled to Planet Namekusei so he could face Ginyu’s space forces and the Evil Emperor, Frieza.

So far this has been the latest news referring to the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we'll be communicating as soon as possible.

Then we leave a preview of episode 128 of "Dragon Ball Super" in which we will see how Vegeta is eliminated from the tournament by Jiren.