On Sunday night, Stephen Colbert debuted his new SHOWTIME series "our cartoon president" that takes a satirical look at the Donald Trump administration. While the president was a top target, some of his biggest supporters were as well.

"Our Cartoon President"

Ever since Donald Trump announced his campaign to run for president back in the summer of 2015, he's been a target for comedians. However, it wasn't until after Trump's win in the Repubican primary that he became nightly fodder for critical comedians on the political left who took him to task over nearly all over his policy positions and reckless behavior.

While the most notable example of Trump-related humor has come at the hands of "Saturday Night Live" and the portrayal of the president by Alec Baldwin, late night hosts have also had their fun.

Host of "The Late Show" Stephen Colbert has been more than clear in his opposition of Donald Trump, who he makes sure to rip into on a nightly basis. In a way to broaden his mockery of the president, Colbert has released a new cartoon series on the SHOWTIME channel titled "Our Cartoon President" that mocks Trump and his supporters, which debuted with trolling of Donald Trump Jr.

and Fox News host Sean Hannity on Sunday night.

"We begin tonight with a correction. Last week I said the Devin Nunes memo was Watergate times a thousand, in fact it's the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs times a million," a cartoon version of Sean Hannity said, before introducing Donald Trump Jr.

Continued mockery

"Hello Sean, my father's not a racist," Donald Jr.

said to start his interview before explaining, "when his limo drives to JFK airport it specifically drives through black neighborhoods to avoid traffic. "You don't hear that enough," Hannity answered.

"Tell the folks what happened when God told Devin Nunes to hand in the memo," the cartoon Sean Hannity asked.

"I thought this totally vindicated everything my father and my entire family has ever done, including the time I urinated from a balcony onto a Quinceanera," Donald Jr. said. The segment continued to mock both men for being blindly loyal to Donald Trump and pushing controversial and questionable talking points regardless of the evidence that becomes available that debunks the agenda of the commander in chief. The "Late Show with Stephen Colbert can be seen weeknights on CBS and "Our Cartoon President" can be seen on the showtime network on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. EST.