On Saturday, two police officers were killed after engaging in a shootout with a suspect in Ohio. After Donald Trump gave his thoughts, some weren't impressed with his response.

Trump on Ohio shooting

Police officers Antony Morelli and Eric Joering responded to a reported domestic incident in Westerville, Ohio on Saturday night. A call was placed to 911 by a woman who was heard crying before hanging up, alerting dispatch to send the officers to the scene.

Once Morelli and Joering arrived, a shootout occurred, with Quentin Smith, described as a "violent criminal" by reports, shot the officers as his wife called 911 to inform them about what took place. Smith has since been taken into custody, according to Westerville Police Chief Joe Morbitzer. In addition, Smith had previously been convicted of burglary back in 2008 and was illegally possessing the gun he used during the shootout in question.

On Sunday afternoon, Donald Trump addressed the incident during a tweet. "Just spoke to John Kasich to express condolences and prayers to all for the horrible shooting of two great police officers from WestervillePD," Trump tweeted out.

"This is a true tragedy!" he concluded. As expected, Trump's sympathies didn't go over well as many who oppose the current commander in chief decided to fire back, making note that there was still no mention of gun control.

Instant reaction

After Donald Trump posted his tweet about the police shooting in Ohio, the critics wasted no time giving thoughts of their own.

"Now do one for the white man who did the mass shooting in Las Vegas who's victims are still in the hospital or do only do them for illegals?" one tweet went on to read.

"A fabulous leader!

Just ask Stormy Daniels, Melania and Barron," one Twitter user wrote. "Hey, remember when you wrongly claimed a Border Patrol agent was killed by an illegal immigrant (turns out, his death was an accident) and you insisted on stricter immigration measures and your Wall? It's weird how you don't demand gun control when police are killed by guns," a follow-up tweet noted.

"This summer a guy in Vegas wounded 517 people and killed 37.

Talk about it," an additional tweet stated. "Any action on guns? Or still hoping thoughts and prayers will shield the people you are supposed to be leading?" a social media user wondered. The negative reaction continued as the opposition to the entire Trump administration heats up.