Amber Portwood launched her online business, Forever Haute, last year when she was dating Matt Baier. While filming "Teen Mom OG," Amber explained that she really wanted to do something great for herself and start a business that Leah could take over when she was older. She wanted to do something great for herself and make sure that Leah had something that she could benefit from financially. While Amber worked hard when she was with Matt, it sounds like she may have slowed down a bit after getting together with Andrew Glennon. Of course, Amber is also dealing with a pregnancy and it'ss possible that she's been told to keep her stress levels low.

Amber has already revealed that she has decided to take a break from social media to keep her stress levels down and it's possible that she's also keeping a distance from her business while she takes care of the pregnancy. According to a new tweet, her official business account revealed that several orders have come in and they were now backlogged. The business representative explained that they were processing orders as fast as possible and sending them out as quickly. However, a few people complained on Twitter that they had been waiting for items to get back in stock for several months now.

Out of stock items continue

Several fans have complained to Amber Portwood about her items being out of stock.

One fan, in particular, revealed that she had been willing to spend over $400 in her online shop but had found that the items she wanted the most were out of stock. The fan also explained that she had waited several months for these items to get back in stock and written an email asking when these items would return to the store.

On Twitter, she explains that she never got a reply from the store and that she was still sitting here with her money waiting to shop.

Surely, this is not something that Amber Portwood wants to hear. However, she is not taking a hands-on approach when it comes to fixing these things. The store did not reply to this fan, so it's possible that she is going to spend her $400 elsewhere getting clothes that she wants.

One fan pointed to another Online Store that seems to carry the same items as Amber's store but the follower revealed that she wanted quality clothing instead of cheap clothing.

Amber has been accused of running a copycat store

Many of the items that are found in Amber's online store are identical to other clothing stores online. Portwood has explained that her clothing items are of high-quality fabrics so fans are not getting the cheaper copy items from China. However, several people have said that her store is merely a copy of what people can find online for much cheaper. People, who have purchased her products, seem to be thrilled with the quality of clothing and are happy that they have supported her business.

What do you think about fans not being happy with the results Amber Portwood's store? Are you surprised that she's running behind due to the pregnancy?