Briana DeJesus seems to really enjoy drama when it comes to her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars. For a couple months, she was constantly butting her head into Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry's business. Even though they were divorcing and trying to co-parent their son Lincoln, Briana took a romantic interest in Javi and she seemed to have an opinion about how he should be doing things with his ex-wife. Sadly, the relationship ended and she went on a Twitter rampage, revealing how Kailyn and Javi were saying one thing in public while doing other things in private.

Briana DeJesus continues to get into trouble with her co-stars as she is now taking a firm stance against both Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer. Over the weekend, Kailyn and Leah recorded a podcast episode for Lowry's new podcast that she does. In the podcast, she explained how her relationship was with her MTV co-star Jenelle Evans. It sounds like things were not exactly positive as Evans lashed out at both of her co-stars on Twitter. That's when Briana saw an opportunity to get involved.

She's clearly not offended by Kailyn and Leah

Jenelle Evans explained on Twitter that she was tired of Kailyn and Leah always talking about her behind her back. She explained that they had no right to comment on her New Year's Eve party that she and David had been asked to work while her kids were at home.

When she addressed the issue on Twitter after the podcast had aired, Briana explained that she agreed with Jenelle and that she should just ignore them for now.

Jenelle Evans may have a supporter in Briana as these two appeared to think the same thing when it comes to Kailyn and Leah. It's possible that Jenelle and Briana both feel they have been left behind and shut out from "Teen Mom 2" cast.

It sounds like these two will have a special friendship going forward.

Jenelle's history with her co-stars

However, it's also possible that Jenelle and Briana won't remain friends as Janelle seems to have a history with her co-stars. One season, she's friendly with them in their support of one another, while the next season she's angry with them for saying something negative about her.

While Briana seems to share her thoughts on just about anything, it's possible she will say or tweet something that doesn't sit well with Evans and the two will soon be feuding. But for now, it sounds like Briana is in full support of Jenelle, which means that Briana may not be the one receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Evans.

Are you surprised that Jenelle Evans is getting the full support of Briana DeJesus these days?