"The Young and the Restless" spoilers from Soaps She Knows suggests an interesting scenario regarding Scott and Abby. Although Sharon has officially kicked her live-in lover to the curb, the relationship may be about to pick up steam. Melissa Ordway, who portrays Victor Newman's youngest daughter, is on maternity leave and her character was sent to work for Newman Enterprises in Paris. Spoiler alerts indicate that Scott will eventually show up in France, and together, he and Abby will uncover evidence that may lead to Graham and Dina's marriage being dissolved.

This will be a blessing for the Abbot family, who want Mr. Bloodworth to be out of all of their lives.

Scott and Abby have unfinished business

Scott and Abby both confided in their respective mothers during Tuesday's episode. Lauren and Ashley each told their children the same thing which is that they must deal with the feelings they have for one another. Abby accepted Victoria's offer to go to Paris and Lily decided to accompany her. Before she left Genoa City, Ms. Newman had some choice words for Mr. Granger, and, as usual, he gave as good as he got. When he arrives in Paris, Abby will no doubt be shocked, as she believed their fling was over.

Celeb Dirty Laundry states that Abby will be doing double duty in the city of romance.

She will complete the assignment that her sister gave her for Newman Enterprises and she will also be snooping for the Abbots. Paris is where Dina had been living with her companion Graham, and is the place where answers regarding their marriage are most likely to be found. Once Scott shows up the couple may begin dealing with the unfinished business of their relationship.

Paris may bring about Graham's downfall

Once Scott and Abby are alone away from Genoa City the sparks between them may begin to fly in more ways than one. Through their collaboration, they may recall the joy they had in bringing Zack down. This will increase the adrenaline and they will focus very hard on nailing Graham. This will please Abby to know that she was instrumental in saving her grandmother from Mr. Bloodworth.

While they are in the city of love, working closely together for Newman and also to help Dina, those romantic feelings they set aside will more than likely rise to the surface. With Melissa Ordway on maternity leave, it may be a while before Scott takes off for Paris. Stay tuned for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM.