On the latest episode "Saturday Night Live," former cast member will farrell made his return. As expected, current President Donald Trump was a top target.

"SNL" on Trump

During the eight years that George W. Bush was president, the United States economy imploded during the great recession and the country found itself in two wars, one in Afghanistan and another in Iraq. By the time Bush was out of office in January 2009, his approval rating was lower than 30 percent.

While that was taking place, comedian Will Ferrell took on the satirical role of Bush, doing so on "Saturday Night Live" and during his own one-man show. Since then, Bush's approval in the country has increased with the presidency of Donald Trump. With that in place, Ferrell made his long-awaited return to "SNL" on January 27 to once again take on the role of the former president, while making sure to take a few jabs at the Trump in the process.

Kicking off the show's cold open was Will Ferrell who was in full George W. Bush gear sitting behind the desk in a mock Oval Office.

"It is I, George W Bush. The W stands for 'what's up,'" Ferrell said. "I don't know if you have read the news lately, I have not. I have been too busy doing oil paintings," he added.

"My approval rating is at an all time high.

Donnie Q. Trump came in an suddenly I am looking pretty sweet by comparison. I might end up on Mount Rushmore. The point is I'm suddenly popular AF," Will Ferrell said. "I just wanted to address my fellow Americans and remind you guys that I was really bad," he went on to add.

"Donald Trump thinks the media hates him? One time an Iraqi reporter threw an actual shoe at me," the mock George W.

Bush said. "I feel for Donnie. We are both the exact same age. Even though I was president like 40 years ago," Ferrell joked. "We both won the election by losing the popular vote. But back in my day we didn't let Russia rig the election. We used the Supreme Court like Americans," he said to the laughter of the audience.

Back together

"The biggest difference between me and Trump is that I have friends. Everyone in his cabinet hates him. I still hang out with my cabinet," Will Ferrell said, before Leslie Jones, dressed as former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, came out as the two took part in singing a satirical version of the theme song for the TV show "All in the Family." The segment came to a close as Donald Trump was once again used as a comedic punch line for "Saturday Night Live."