Before the legal battles that literally crippled Wayne's career came to light, Lil Wayne kept a low profile, cut down on "lean" and was well put together in interviews. He was sober, and yet he did not have as great a career as he did in 2008 when he drank too much “lean” and sold millions of records. To be honest, Wayne is at his best when he’s not told what to do or what to say and when he is not trying to please people.

‘GOAT’ status questioned

Lil Wayne has been struggling to keep his fans attached to him as much as possible in recent years.

Of all the projects he’s put out in the last three years, “Dedication 6 is the most significant yet in his long and successful career. “Dedication 6” acted as an assurance to Wayne’s fans and the industry in general that he never fell off from being the best rapper alive. In 2015, he released an album and two mixtapes which were received positively by critics. In 2016, he did not release any solo project. Thus, his legendary run began to slow down for the first time in his career. In 2017, he did a couple of features that got drenched in too much autotune which got many people thinking that Lil Wayne had lost his mojo and was now trying to sound like the new generation of rappers. He later released "In Tune, We Trust Ep" to remind his fans that he was still the same artist as before, but the narrative did not stick, and the fans were left hanging.

'Dedication 6’ solidifies status

“Dedication 6” came as a surprise to everyone. No one expected Wayne to drop a project. The project finds Wayne in his “Mixtape Weezy" mode. He delivers amazing punchlines and metaphors as he is famously known for. The autotune-drenched sound is so minimal, you barely notice it. “Dedication 6 is probably his best in the series because, for the first time, it is not just a mixtape he dropped after going platinum with an album to keep the flame of success burning.

He dropped "Dedication 6" at a time when his name was beginning to sound more like a punchline and his "greatest of all time" status was in question.

“Dedication 6” is the first project that solidifies him as the greatest rapper of all-time. It is a bummer though that “Dedication 6” came before “Carter 5," but I have my fingers crossed that we will finally get to see that album this year. For now, listen to “Family Feud Remix" featuring Drake as we wait for the part two of “Dedication 6."

What do you think of "Dedication 6"? What do you like best about it?