The first part of "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey" reunion aired on Wednesday night (Jan. 17) on Bravo and immediately kicked things off with a bang. Siggy Flicker and Margaret Joseph's were at each other's throats from the minute the cameras started rolling, while Dolores Catania and Danielle Staub took jabs at one another from opposite sides of the couch.

The drama begins

Teresa Giudice actually seemed to keep her calm throughout the majority of this reunion until Andy Cohen mentioned her enemy, Kim D.

Kim. D brings the drama

Kim DePaola is the owner of the infamous Posche boutique, which has held fashion shows that have been shown on air for pretty much every season of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

" Kim's fashion shows have provided Bravo fans with some of the most dramatic and shocking episodes to date. For example, the last time we saw Danielle Staub on "RHONJ," she was getting chased down by a screaming Teresa and her hair ripped out of the back of her head by Jacqueline Laurita's then-teenage daughter, Ashley.

This season, the cast members got into a huge debacle because Siggy and Dolores have remained friends with Kim over the years and the two were going to walk in the Posche fashion show this year. Teresa, Melissa, Margaret, and Danielle stormed into the show to confront Kim for spreading rumors about Teresa's marriage, the Daily Mail reported.

Naturally, an aggressive fight ensued between Teresa and Kim.

Giudice referred to DePaola as "white trash," to which Kim responded, "you were the one in f**king jail, not me!" Tensions rose between some of the other women as well, like Dolores and Melissa.

Reunion accusations run rampant

As soon as Bravo host Andy Cohen mentioned Kim D.'s name on the reunion episode, Teresa's mannerisms changed and she immediately became upset.

Cohen warned her to stay seated on the couch and not to get physical with her former friend because she has only recently been released from jail and cannot be caught getting into any violent altercations, according to Page Six.

Kim D. began throwing out digs at Teresa, saying she is going to end up in prison again, motioning handcuffs around her wrists saying, "clink, clink."

Bravo viewers did not get to see too much of the action between Teresa and Kim, as it is being saved for the second half of the reunion, which will air next Wednesday night (Jan.

24) at 9:00 PM ET.

During the preview for next week's episode, Teresa is heard making accusations against Kim D., to which Andy Cohen responds by asking her if she means to say that Kim is a "madam" and she says yes.

A "Madam" is another word for a female pimp; meaning a woman who prostitutes other females or males and likely owns a brothel.

This is a pretty big accusation for Teresa to throw out there, but it is not too surprising, as Kim D. has accused Giudice of cheating on her husband while he is in jail, so the gloves truly came off during the reunion.

If Kim DePaola is, in fact, a Madam, this could explain why two men were found shot to death in her Audi, which was burnt to a crisp, last spring.

Typically, a regular old housewife does not have people getting murdered in cars she owns.

The murders were reportedly motivated by robbery and two men from Patterson, NJ were eventually charged. Most likely, these men were not out to steal Kim's Posche boutique fortune, so it could be possible that she is bringing in additional income another way. If these men knew about her alleged side business, they could have targeted the vehicle and whoever was inside.

Kim's fashion show this year was held to benefit the families of the victims who were killed.

"RHONJ" fans will have to tune in next week to see how these allegations pan out and how the Season 8 reunion will wrap up.