"Shameless" Season 8 spoilers reveal that some of the Gallagher family members could be on the brink of making some very big mistakes when it comes to coupling up. Fans continue to have mixed emotions about the growing closeness between Ian and Trevor. It surely appears as if the on-again-off-again and back on again couple are growing even closer following Ian's stand against the gay conversion church.

Will Ian and Trevor take it to the next level?

Trevor seems to be falling hard for Ian once again. The problem with this potential Gallagher love connection for most fans is he is not Mickey Gallavich.

Sorry Trevor, but the majority of "Shameless" fans continue to pull for an Ian and Mickey reunion.

Previous spoiler reports speculated that Ian and Trevor could make plans to walk down the aisle, however, they also believe that the pair will not make it due to the return of Mickey. There have been no confirmed spoilers or indications that are pointing to making this wishful thinking any more than wishful thinking for Season 8 anyway. Dedicated viewers are just refusing to give up hope for a Mickey and Ian reunion.

Which Gallagher coupling do you want to see the most?

Let's talk Fiona and Ford. Could Fiona finally have met her Mr. Right? It is a possibility. Ford will have to do a lot of heavy footwork to win over Fiona's heart, though.

It is so hard for Fi to surrender her full trust over to any man, especially after the deep cracks that Jimmy/Steve, and Sean both left her with. But, this smooth-talking handyman may eventually be the one.

Lip and Sierra? As much as Lip wants to be a hero for her and her son, Lip has so much more to accomplish, and, rushing into any relationship to shift the focus away from his real issues (his drinking) is just a disaster waiting to happen for now.

Besides, Sierra is tied to Charlie for life. No matter how much Lip does for her, in the end, she will most likely end up leaving the Southside with Charlie with the hope of starting a new life with him and their son.

Carl and his new crazy girlfriend. Obviously, this girl is nothing but trouble. She has Carl wrapped around her finger and totally oblivious.

She is using Carl's raging teenage sex drive to get him to do anything she wants... such as get back at her family, and it is working. She is also a little "fatal attractionish" and could put Carl in troublesome situations. Hopefully he heads back to military school before she gets him sent back to juvie.

Debbie Gallagher. Many fans wish that she would put her focus on Franny and stop repeating Monica's past parental footsteps. She has been arrested, lost Neil, and put Franny in danger. Instead of looking for a man to take care of her and Franny online, many fans want to see her stick with being an independent, self-sufficient woman.

The next three episodes of "Shameless" Season 8 have been promised to take a real hard dramatic turn.

As previously reported, Shameless writer John Wells revealed during an interview with Entertainment Voice that the next episodes for Ian are really going to "pi** fans off," and they are expecting truckloads of hate mail over the direction that Ian will take.

Some fans think that the "Shameless" Season 8 finale will leave viewers with a huge cliffhanger that will leave us hanging with tons of questions and speculative possibilities until Season 9 rolls around. What would you like to see take place in the last few episodes of "Shameless" Season 8?

"Shameless" airs Sunday nights at 9 PM on Showtime.