Ryan Gosling, one of the most famous actors in the world, is a remarkably private person. He has received two Academy Award nominations and has starred in numerous critically acclaimed movies. The Canadian is also a father to two daughters, yet the public knows very little about his family life.

His relationship with partner Eva Mendes has also been kept tightly under wraps during the six years they have been together. The pair make no public appearances together and rarely talk about each other in the media.

Scandal-free child star

Ryan Gosling got his start at Disney's Mickey Mouse Club when he was just a child, alongside other future famous entertainers such as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera.

Life in the spotlight has proven to be very difficult for many former child stars, who turn to drugs, alcohol and partying, but Gosling has managed to handle his transition from a child star to a serious actor without scandals.

Finding love on a movie set

The actor has had several high-profile relationships with Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams, both of whom he had met while working. Gosling met his current partner, Eva Mendes, on the set of their drama "The Place Beyond the Pines," which was directed by Derek Cianfrance and also starred Bradley Cooper. Mendes played Romina, Gosling's love interest, with whom he has a child. Their relationship became public in late 2011 when they were pictured on a date in Disneyland.

Even though many predicted a quick break up due to their hectic schedules, the couple always found time for each other, such as when Ryan flew to Paris to see Eva when she was filming the movie "Holy Motors" in France. Their last public appearance as a couple was at the premiere of "The Place Beyond the Pines" in 2012.

Since then, they have not appeared on a red carpet together, which sparked controversy when Eva did not accompany her partner to the Golden Globes or Academy Awards last year when Ryan was nominated for his work in the musical "La La Land."

Welcoming daughters

Mendes and Gosling are parents to two daughters: Esmeralda Amada and Amada Lee.

However, as opposed to many other famous couples who announce their pregnancies publicly, the pair kept both pregnancies a secret, and Eva's baby bump was never photographed. When asked about his experience as a father, Gosling told the GQ Magazine in 2016 that it felt like a dream, and that he felt so lucky.