Petra Hammesfahr's novel "The Sinner" has been turned into a Television Series with USA Network. By bringing awareness to mental health, "The Sinner" uses two tragic murder cases involving a young woman who is suffering from PTSD along with severe depression. The effects of her mental health disorders begin to take a toll on her and her family after dealing with a childhood filled with traumatic events.

'The Sinner' by Petra Hammesfahr is full of suspense and drama

"The Sinner" stars award-winning actress Jessica Biel as Cora, the leading character of the show.

Cora has been through many tragic and traumatic things throughout her childhood that begin to affect her entire life out of nowhere. Starting with the birth of her sister Phebe, Cora is to blame for her chronic illness of lymphoma by her family constantly. She was blamed for her sickness so much that her sister's illness began to be an excuse and weapon used against Cora on a consistent basis. During Cora's teenage years, she met this guy named JD with whom she began to party with on a regular basis. Someone she had a lot of fun with. One night, while sneaking out of her parent's house, Cora ended up sneaking her sister out with her but neither one of them made it back home that next morning.

Cora is back

After Cora disappeared for some time after sneaking out of her parent's house, she ended up re-appearing out of the blue at a rehab facility, with no explanation nor memory as to what happened and how she got there. She went on to marry her husband Mason and had a baby boy with him. After three years of marriage, Cora's past began to catch up with her as she began to suffer from PTSD, along with severe depression.

This led to Cora attacking a random man on the lake of a popular park she often visited with her family. She lacks knowledge of why she committed the crime, or who the guy was that she killed.

So far, I have watched the series and have enjoyed it all the way through to the end.

Usa Network was nice enough to provide a free gift of Petra Hammesfahr's novel "The Sinner" through the mail for me to read and check out right along with the series. Along with the novel, also included was an exclusive shoulder bag as well from USA network. So far, from what I have read in the novel, it ties directly to the television series perfectly. Of course, the novel gives more full details on everything but the television series does not do that bad of a job at keeping things authentic as well.