No one said love was easy, and if last week's episode didn't prove that, this week surely does. Whether it's getting to know someone on a more intimate level, trying to win someone back, watching someone you love make a terrible mistake, or watching your step-father find new love again, it all comes with its own sets of problems. Let's begin with...

Daphne catches Deacon and Jessie on a date

Deacon and Jessie's cute text exchange gets cuts short when Zach interrupts and informs him that he's pursuing a Senate bid in California. He's not withdrawing his funding from the company but he will be moving.

Deacon wishes him well. He meets with Jessie at a cafe where the two enjoy each other's company...until Daphne catches them together. And they were just saying how they should keep it from the kids for the time being too. It's a quick, but awkward exchange. Daphne's clearly not pleased with Deacon and Jessie and tries to avoid the conversation revolving around those two altogether. Scarlett advises Deacon that Daphne needs time to process it on her own. He also tells her that he's again having second thoughts about dating, but Scarlett tells him he's doing the right thing for himself and ends up telling Jessie the same thing when they hang out together.

After talking with Maddie, Deacon decides to come clean with the girls about how he feels about Jessie, and while both girls say they approve, Daphne clearly feels otherwise.

Deacon calls Jessie and apologizes for being so distant with her, but Jessie rebuffs him again. There's so much push and pull with these two that it is kind of annoying, but it's a realistic portrayal of a new relationship, specifically one between two people who started off as just friends. Deacon then goes to her house to apologize in person.

She then admits that she's tired of the back and forth as well (I knew I liked this girl for a reason), but Deacon tells her that he wants her, and the two kiss again.

I'm in the camp that thinks Deacon and Jessie are cute together, and after so many trials and tribulations that they've gone through already, it's nice to see how serious they are about one another.

I'm looking forward to seeing if they can go the distance.

Avery and Darius meet face to face

Avery's surprised to see Juliette awake early and oddly happy and positive. She talks about the family going to breakfast and how she's all about communication. A snide remark from Avery has Juliette convincing him to meet with Darius. He reluctantly accepts the invite. They meet at his facility, and Darius swears up and down that he's not trying to manipulate Juliette while Avery questions his techniques and teachings.

Unlike Juliette, he doesn't buy what Darius is selling. On the way home, Juliette asks Avery his opinion, and he tells her his stance hasn't changed. She admits she's disappointed that he doesn't see what she sees, and why she feels accepted there. Avery tells her he's glad she's found a place where she's comfortable, but Juliette seems skeptical.

The next day, she sings for her new extended family, and they cheer for her. Darius takes the time to tell her how her journey will include analyzing the people she surrounds herself with on the outside and how she won't ultimately need them for validation (not suspicious at all).

That night, Juliette comes home to Avery and they have yet another falling out about Darius. An argument which unfortunately looks to motivate our fallen country star to take Darius up on his offer to further help explore her psyche. She announces to Avery that she's going back to the facility once again, much to Avery's subdued annoyance. Here's hoping that Juliette will have a big comeback personally and mentally, much like the actress that portrays her.

Country girl in a Pop star's world

Maddie watches Jonah's music videos when he texts her. He invites her to go to a club the following night. Maddie gets there and looks out of her element as she goes to the VIP room. He tells her that he wants to record a song with her.

So, they get together to record a song (and by the way, those who love Lennon Stella's Maddie in real life will be pleased to know that she signed with RECORDS recently, according to Christian Post. She will be releasing her first solo album according to International Business Times). Getting back to the show, the pair record a pretty good song.

Afterwards, they find themselves fleeing from the paparazzi, and Maddie seems pretty invigorated by the whole experience. As he and his posse watch a scary movie, Jonah spies his friends looking at an article that has to do with the paparazzi pics surfacing online and talk about Jonah and Maddie being a couple.

It upsets Jonah, and Maddie questions why. He assures her he isn't angry, and that seems to be the end of it. Maddie confides in Deacon about the internet taking the story and running with it, and Maddie says it's always risky to be in relationships, something that strikes a chord with Deacon.

Later, Jonah's friend Twig keeps Maddie entertained while waiting on Jonah to meet with them. They have a nice conversation about how he and Jonah became friends. There's some chemistry between these two as well. Could a love triangle be on the horizon, or is this just coincidental? Maddie tells Jonah after he finally arrives that she's second-guessing their relationship. Everyone's always in their business, and she's not a fan of that.

He convinces her that they can have some alone time as long as she gives him another chance. Later, Maddie catches Daphne crying in bed about Deacon and Jessie being together. She hates her, and it feels officially real that Rayna is gone. It's a sad and understandable moment with Daphne, and hopefully she will learn to properly grieve without having another bout of depression.

Will's closure

Will tells Gunnar he had a sleepless night, and mistakenly assumes that it's because he knows about Zach's plans to relocate. Will and Zach talk about how they fell off and barely communicate anymore. He's still clearly hurt that his ex has moved on, and how he needed closure. It's weird because I don't remember Will being so clingy with him last season, so it's a little out of the blue.

Will decides that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. He starts hooking up with a guy he brought home from the gym, only to be temporarily interrupted by Gunnar. Unfortunately, Will can't seem to perform, which frustrates him. He goes to a doctor to talk about the issue, and while she says they can do medication, it could also be psychological (i.e. depression due to a breakup). It's revealed that Will's been taking steroids and that he's got to stop in order to get his body regulated again. While he promises the doctor he'll stop, we see him injecting himself with steroids in the bathroom.

Gunnar catches him and clearly looks concerned, but says nothing.

Final thoughts

"Nashville" does a terrific job of showing the various stresses that come with new relationships, old ones, and ones that have ended. Each of our characters seems to be getting themselves deeper and deeper into some dramatic events, and it'll be fun to see where it all goes. Catch "Nashville" on CMT every Thursday night at 9 p.m.