Meghan King Edmonds has announced the news that she will be leaving "The Real Housewives of orange county." She has moved on from the show, which surprises a lot of people. Meghan went to her blog to share the news. She has been on the show for three seasons now, but it is time for her to move on to something new and that is focusing on her family and being a mom.

Why did Meghan make this choice?

Meghan explained that she thought a lot about it before she decided to leave the show. This obviously wasn't a decision that she made lightly. She explained that it was really stressful for her being on the show and then reliving it all when the show airs again.

It just isn't something she wants to do anymore.

Meghan King Edmonds also shared that it was really hard on her to film while doing IVF and also being pregnant. This is a lot to do and the show takes a physical toll on your body. The third season was even harder on her being a new mom. She had a full-time nanny, who was her cousin, but she also had to film and be a full-time mom when she wasn't filming the show. Meghan shared that a lot of that didn't end up on the show.

Meghan shares when she knew she was done

She admits that when she did the Season 12 reunion, she knew she was done with the show. Meghan was ready to move on from it. Now she is pregnant with twins and has to focus on her pregnancy.

As she shared, being on "RHOC," isn't all positive and she really wants positive stuff during her pregnancy this time around. Carrying twins isn't going to be easy on her body and not doing the show is really going to help her out.

Her husband Jimmy Edmonds had her think about it for a few weeks before telling Andy Cohen she was done.

She said that Andy was totally understanding. He has known she was leaving since November even though she is just now announcing the news.

Meghan and Jim will also now be living full-time in St Louis. This will give her more time with Jimmy and he will be able to around for the kids even more, which is great. Her two young step-children live there as well and they can now be around Meghan more and their new siblings.

It just sounds like it was the best decision for everyone involved.

Are you shocked to hear that Meghan King Edmonds will be leaving "RHOC"? Do you think that she will change her mind and come back? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" when it returns to Bravo. Maybe fans will get lucky and Meghan will make an appearance now and then!