The X Files” has returned with the first episode of Season 11 and, without revealing too much, it seems that most of Season 10 was nothing more than a fever dream being experienced by Scully and her son William. That means that the world still has a chance. However, that fact was not the only big reveal from the show.

The first episode starts with the Cigarette Smoking Man, the increasingly comic book level super villain from the series, trying to justify himself. Scenes of President Trump and Kim Jong-un appear in this sequence, suggesting the involvement of the secret government-alien conspiracy.

The scene ends with the classic sequence in which Neil Armstrong descends down from the lunar module and, setting his foot on the lunar surface, declares, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Then the camera pulls back to reveal a movie set and a director stating that it’s a wrap.

The faked moon landing? Are they kidding us?

The Cigarette Smoking Man is said to have been involved in just about every major event in the last half of the 20th Century. He has been depicted as killing both JFK and Martin Luther King Jr.. However, I submit that by having him fake the moon landing, “The X Files” showrunner Chris Carter has gone too far. Not only is the Moon Landing Hoax the most debunked conspiracy theory in history, but it is also downright insulting to the hundreds of thousands of people who worked themselves to the bone to put a man on the moon.

The theory, in the context of the show’s mythos, makes no sense.

If we have alien technology, the moon landing would be easy, not hard.

The center premise of the moon landing hoax conspiracy theory is that landing a man on the moon proved to be too hard for NASA but that faking it was easy. In fact, the opposite proved to be the case.

Video technology in the 1960s was just not up to the task of faking a moon landing that was broadcast live to a billion people on a planet that contained three and a half billion.

Also, if we premise interaction between a group of human conspirators and aliens capable of crossing interstellar space, doing the actual moon landing would have been easy.

One would merely introduce little bits of alien tech at crucial moments during the Apollo program to solve problems on the way to the one small step.

The whole moon landing in a studio was a cheap insult and unnecessary. A really cool reveal would have been a depiction of how the conspiracy cut short the Apollo program for their secret, nefarious purposes and stopped the last two attempts to go back. Now that would have been fascinating and original.