"Keeping Up With The Kardashians" fans are still waiting for Kylie Jenner to even confirm that she's pregnant. The lip kit mogul is reportedly due in February or March and still hasn't spilled the details to her faithful fanbase. That hasn't stopped her from preparing for her new baby once she arrives.

So it was a crib?

Kylie Jenner has completed the nursery for her new baby according to a source for US Magazine. Rather than putting things off and waiting until the last minute, Jenner has reportedly been on top of the preparations needed to bring home a baby and she's not slacking off.

Kylie has even reportedly already lined up a baby nurse to come help her when she gives birth.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Kylie Jenner had a crib delivered to her home. Aerial photos were taken of delivery men putting something together outside of her home as security looked on. From what we could see in the photos, it very well could have been a crib or possibly some other very large piece of furniture.

Kylie is also reportedly working hard to make sure that her whole house is baby proofed before her new arrival gets here. Even though her new baby won't be crawling or walking for several months, Kylie is already getting a head start on taking out any possible hazards and ensuring that her home is completely safe.

When will Kylie Jenner return to social media?

One thing "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" fans really want is for Kylie Jenner to return to social media. Prior to reports that she is pregnant, Kylie used to update fans on social media every day. She was constantly posting Instagram photos and giving her fans an inside peek via Snapchat.

Lately, she's gone silent and "KUWTK" fans are going crazy as they wait for her to fill everyone in.

Naturally, Kylie's silence has created a lot of speculation. Right now, there are some pretty hefty rumors that her relationship with Travis Scott is doomed and that Tyga may be itching to reconnect after she gives birth. However, Travis was with Kylie at Christmas and even attended Kris Jenner's annual party with her.

From the looks of it, things are going fine between them but there's no telling since no one is talking.

As far as her alleged pregnancy goes, the US Magazine source claims that she's perfectly happy to keep her little secret for as long as she can. While Kylie Jenner has spent her entire life in front of the cameras, she wanted to keep her pregnancy to herself and not share every detail with the world. Hopefully, once the baby gets here, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star will feel inclined to share more of her life with her fans again.