Rumors that Josiah Duggar of TLC "Counting On" isn't straight, have not been effectively squashed by the news that he's courting Lauren Swanson. As the Duggars announced their son's courtship, another Duggar family group addressed the question of him being LGBT. And you might be surprised at what was said.

Gossip stalks Duggars

Ever since the Reality TV days of "19 Kids and Counting," folks have been predicting that at least one member of the Duggar family is same-gender attracted. Gossip has targeted eldest son Josh Duggar especially after the pedophilia, molestation, cheating and Ashley Madison scandal.

Eldest daughter Jana Duggar has been called a lesbian simply because she is still single at 28. Critics and fans of "Counting On" wondered about Josiah's sexuality because he wore pastel colors and went to an IBLP cadet training program.

Does ALERT translate to LGBT?

ALERT, or Air Land Emergency Resource Team, is a program of the Duggar family's church group, Institute for Basic Life Principles. It is a military-style boot camp in living the fundamentalist right-wing Christian lifestyle. A few followers of TLC "Counting On" think this indicates that Josiah is bisexual or LGBT. There is a notion that the flight training program helps parents whose kids have come out. Older brother Joseph Duggar went there, but his sexual identification hasn't been questioned.

Jim Bob Duggar inadvertently spurs gossip?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have purchased an ALERT and probably used one in a Thanksgiving raid over Josh's rehab clinic. The plane, maybe piloted by John-David Duggar, busted Josh out of the faith-based sexual addiction treatment program.

That conjugal holiday visit led to Anna Duggar getting pregnant, against rehab protocol.

Jim Bob Duggar provoked criticism for normalizing Josh's molestation. Some folks took their frustration with "19 Kids and Counting" out by questioning the teen mom-to-be Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth pregnancy, Jill Dillard's parenting and Jinger Vuolo for wearing pants.

Facebook group chastens Josiah's detractors

The Facebook page "Duggar Family News: Life is Not all Pickles and Hairspray," covers the reality television Duggars and seeks to expose the unreality in the reality TV family.

The page went after Derick Dillard because he drew first blood calling out transgender teen Jazz Jennings. But "accusing" any of the "19 Kids and Counting" of being LGBTQ was too much. The page moderator chided those who sought to shame the TLC Celebrities with sexual orientation slurs.