HBO's smash hit "Game of Thrones" has crossed genres and become arguably the most popular television show in history. The fervent fan following that it has built has reached fever pitch as fans patiently wait for the final season to air.

Unfortunately, we are a little over a year away from witnessing just how the game will end. The players are in place, the sides are drawn, and all that is left is an ocean of blood to decide who will rule Westeros.

There is only one question left. Who will be left sitting on the iron throne?

Daenerys Targaryen

The mother of dragons has the firepower, no pun intended, to win the throne.

Her dragons have grown into fierce warriors capable of taking out an entire army on their own.

However, the recent battle with the army of the dead saw one of the three dragons die as it took a spear from the Night King. Showing that the dragons are mortal and can be killed is important as the Lannister's have developed their own weapon capable of taking down these beasts.

Daenerys' partnering with the armies of the north give her the added manpower that will be needed to fight the war on multiple fronts. With the Lannisters to the south and the night king's army to the north, victory is far from certain.

Cersei Lannister

Cersei has seen her full transformation into the queen of Westeros completed as she took over following her son Tommen's suicide.

She knows full well that he killed himself due to her actions in blowing up the Sept of Balor, but the desire for power is too great. Her choice to wear all black as queen is a sign that she

She never intended to hurt her children, but her actions in pursuit of the throne have led to each of their deaths. Whether or not she blames herself for the deaths of her children is irrelevant as she will take out her 'revenge' on whomever she pleases.

Cersei has seen and done too many horrible things to turn back now. It will be throne or bust as if she doesn't win in the end; she will definitely die trying.

Sansa Stark

The current king of the north is Jon Snow. However, we learned at the end of the season that he is actually a Targaryen. His budding union with Daenerys will be complicated when the two learn the truth that they are related.

Will it be enough to break up the true power couple remains to be seen.

If they do fracture, that opens the door for Sansa.

A favorite of the houses in the north, Sansa represents what is left of the Stark family. Her brother Bran is now the "Three Eye Raven" Sister Arya has become a master assassin and is much better suited for a life behind the shadows.

Sansa's claim to the throne is weakened by Jon Snow's heritage. But if Jon and Daenerys do not rule Westeros, Sansa would be next in line for most of the land.

The 'Night King'

The most terrifying myth in Westeros became a reality last season. The white walkers are real, and their army is advancing south. The newly resurrected ice dragon helped take down the centuries-old ice wall, and the army should encounter the people of Westeros relatively quickly in the final season.

Jon Snow figured out how to defeat the white walkers, and the dragon glass needed is in great supply under Daenerys' castle. Whether or not they are able to utilize that knowledge is to be seen as they will need to unite all the houses to have a chance against the night king.

Cersei has already pledged her support, but she also told her brother Jamie that she plans to betray that support.

The more the house of Westeros fight each other in the final season, the more likely that it will be the night king who commands the throne in the end.