Briana Renee from "Little Women La" released her debut single "Cage" on Monday and the catchy tune has a lot of fans talking. It's no secret that the tiny reality star has some serious pipes. Fans have heard her sing both on and off the show. It turns out that she's got a message to spread too.

Now that "Cage" is available for download, Briana Renee is speaking about both the creation of her song and what else is to come. She's going by just her middle name, Renée, for the album release.The "Little Women LA" star has reinvented herself for this new release, calling herself Renée, rather than using Briana Renee as most fans know her.

The inspiration behind 'Cage'

"Cage" is catchy electronic/dance/pop mashup that holds a deep meaning for the "Little Women LA" star. Briana Renee explained what prompted her to write the song exclusively with Blasting News.

"The inspiration for my debut song is my feelings that I’ve had throughout my life, and finally wanting to release them and knowing that I’m not alone in feeling trapped, put down, silenced, judged and had allowed outside negativity to filter in and make it the way I felt about myself.”

It seems that Briana's split from Matt Grundhoffer back in November did her a lot of good for a lot of reasons. After all of the heartache and drama she went through, both on-screen and off, it's no surprise that Briana was feeling inspired to write her first hit.

"I sat down with my music producer and just started expressing my feelings about where I was in life, and it naturally poured out!" Briana explained.

Those looking to listen to or purchase "Cage" by Briana Renee or Renée don't have to go far.

Where can fans purchase Briana Renee's new song?

"Fans can buy it on, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and they can stream it on Spotify." It looks like Briana Renee has all her bases covered.

In case you're wondering if there will be more music from the "Little Women LA" star, the answer is a definitive yes!

"This is just the beginning track- one of many more to come as this is 24 years of waiting to be heard," Briana says of her single release. "I’ll be printing CDs once the remix and the full album is ready."

"Cage" is special to Briana, both because it's her first release and also because of the strong message it conveys.

She made it clear that the new song isn't just for her. The lyrics to "Cage" are relatable for so many people and she wants them to know that this song is for them too.

"I just want to add that this is an anthem for anyone who’s ever felt suppressed, silenced, judged, not good enough in someone else’s eyes because it’s only how you see yourself that matters!" Briana Renee said.