The upcoming “Criminal Minds” season 13 episode 12, titled “Bad Moon on the Rise,” is a big puzzle for all the fans. As it remains to be seen what would be the title is all about, it looks like something is about to happen in Central Park.

In the show’s official synopsis by CarterMatt, it noted that the BAU would be once again up for another crucial investigation. “‘Bad Moon on the Rise’ – The BAU is called to New York when several casualties of a brutal nature are reported in Central Park,” it reads.

What do fans expect in the new episode?

As CBS is known for not giving away too much information about the police procedural crime drama’s episodes, fans are now thinking what could possibly happen in “Criminal Minds” season 13 episode 12.

As this will be the third episode viewers are going to see this year, it could be possible that it has a good story to tell.

Fans are looking forward to seeing an interesting UnSub story as things are being inconsistent so far. In fact, it is too far from what viewers have seen ever since Jamie Kennedy returned earlier this season.

With that, they are expecting that "Bad Moon on the Rise" is going to have a great setting. As New York City is quite new to see in this show, there might be something new that is going to happen. It has been known that there are just a few places that the UnSub can go into hiding.

The previous episode recap

In “Criminal Minds” season 13 episode 11, titled “Full-Tilt Boogie,” it just proved that the small towns are also not safe for everyone.

To recall, in this episode, the BAU went to Hitchens, Virginia, to investigate the brutally-attacked wife of a police chief.

Here, fans saw the team questioning the police chief Steve’s honesty. As he seemed to be hiding something, there were questioning if he was the one who attacked his wife, Trish. She was found heavily beaten, almost buried, and resuscitated in a deep grave.

On the other hand, his assistant police chief Jimmy, too, seemed to be concealing something that could lead them to the UnSub. Although Rick was the primary suspect, he hadn’t killed anyone, so the team had to look for other possible culprits.

Steve was heard insisting to the doctor that there might be a mistake in the lab’s results.

The police then found out that Rick was not pretty good in not living any traces behind. In fact, he’s impulsive. But knowing the UnSubs, they are organized, even though they have left the shovel behind and Trish alive.

Criminal Minds” season 13 episode 12, titled “Bad Moon on the Rise” will air on Wednesday, January 17, at 10 PM EST on the CBS Television Network.