Women redefined the terms of the Movie industry in 2017. From "Wonder Woman" to the "#MeToo" movement, female empowerment was at the forefront of Hollywood. The "Time's Up" movement launched at the start of 2018 will continue to dominate the industry. Before we look forward, however, we must look back. Superhero films dominated the past year, as they have for virtually the past decade. But while they make up a majority of this list, one doesn't ultimately rank on top. These were the best movies of 2017.

4. 'Wonder Woman'

Most films in the revamped DC universe have fallen short of expectations.

"Wonder Woman" is not one of those films. At first, Gal Gadot seemed a controversial choice to play the titular superhero, more model than feminist marauder. But the Israeli played the patriotic heroine with power and grace. The rest of the characters followed suit, creating a movie that had the perfect mix of empowerment and entertainment that 2017 demanded.

3. 'Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2'

Sometimes, the movies are just about having fun. Humor was the name of the game in the second installment of this Marvel franchise, with dancing Baby Groot leading the good times. There was plenty of action too, with a story that didn't need to be written by Mark Twain to get the job done. In a retrospective of 2017, this movie would receive zero award nominations.

Luckily, it entertains enough to be one of the best of the year anyway.

2. 'Logan'

The best superhero movie of 2017, however, redefined the very concept of what a superhero movie can be. "Logan" marked more than the end of Hugh Jackman's time as Wolverine. It marked the beginning of a new concept, some originality the genre has long been lacking.

The final journey of this Wolverine feels grounded, even though the violence can be extreme. He may be a mutant, but still his journey feels intensely human. It's easily the best X-Men film ever.

1. 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri'

Characters confound and surprise, always looking to move forward while coping with the past.

Life is simple in Ebbing, Missouri, but the people within the town are anything but. Heroes and villains are blurred into one ugly melting pot as a murder and rape remain unsolved. Frances McDormand deserves a second Oscar, playing a grief-stricken mother with the resolve of a lion. The likes of Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell add to the story as compelling cops. Frankly, it's the movie 2017 needed.