The latest updates and spoilers for the "Venom" spin-off film reveal that the leaked symbiote designs for Tom Hardy's character are not real. Sony has debunked the leaked photos and told Screenrant that it is not an official material from the movie. The photos were made by Mikkel Frandsen and were posted on his company's Instagram account, Creature Monster.

There is also a new behind-the-scenes video of the movie featuring Eddie Brock struggling to control the alien creature from his body.

CGI design not real

Mikkel Frandsen's Venom CGI designs for the movie is similar to the classic appearance of the character in the Marvel comics.

Eddie Brock's symbiote form is that of a hulking and menacing monster spawned from their mutual hatred for Spider-Man.

However, Sony confirmed that Frandsen's designs are not official materials for the "Venom" spin-off movie and classified them as merely fan-made works. A teaser of Tom Hardy's costume was first spotted by Instagram username tomhardydotorg and comic book fans speculated that the design is based on Flash Thompson's Agent Venom.

Agent Venom's appearance is similar to the black suit Spider-Man but bulky and tactical. He has all of the powers of the previous host and combines it with his military background.

Fighting for control

Daily Motion username Backgrid posted a BTS video of the "Venom" spin-off and it featured Hardy's character, Eddie Brock, struggling to control the symbiote inside his body.

Eddie is outside the city as he parked his car on the street, but the symbiote does not want to go out and forces the latter to come back inside.

Eddie, annoyed by the symbiote's actions tries to will his way from his car but fails to do so as pedestrians looked on. Based on the video, it looks like Eddie will have a hard time controlling his newfound power and the creature tries to dominate its host.

The spin-off changed the origin of how Eddie got his powers as he was able to acquire them through a pandemic virus in order to save his life from a deteriorating illness.

Omega Underground reported that the plot of the film is based on the "Lethal Protector" storyline wherein Eddie moved to San Franciso to start his career as a vigilante.

Despite offering protection, the latter uses violent and gruesome methods to handle criminals making him more of a menace than a hero.

Venom creator Todd McFarlane shows his support to the "Mad Maxx" star's portrayal of Eddie Brock and he believes that Hardy will do a great job in the movie.